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    I Finally found my GT2 Disc in the middle of a move so now I'm all stoked to play... WRONG!! I Can't do any A Class licences because It just goes to a black screen. I Have old game data and it lets me continue to do every licence after A but it wont allow it on my new Data. So I have a deal for someone. If someone can give me Licences B and A with both reward cars i'll repay you with a $20 PSN Card. Remember.. Only Licence B - A Must be finished to Gold. No selling any cars or doing any races please. I tried downloading the ones here to my PS3 but either they are BESCES files or anything else that isnt .PSV. I need BASCUS or .PSV Files only (I'm in canada)

    If you can do it send me a messege: PSN-> AlloutSkitzo
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    Do you want the save to be 100 percent completed?
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    I'd take that as a "no".

    Also, please reacquaint yourself with the AUP regarding proper usage of capital letters and improper usage of contracted "txtspk" words.
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    That sounds weird Alloutskizo. I wonder what version of GT2 you've got. I used to get black screens when I had a version 1.0 disc, for instance. When I got a 1.2 version, everything worked fine. Here's how you can tell which version you have:

    Version 1.0:
    1. Car wash says 5000 cr. but actually costs 50 credits.

    2. When you race Tahiti Maze against the Peugeot 206 it drives into a wall, gets stuck, and sits there the entire race while you buzz way ahead.

    3. The Muscle car races are incorrectly labeled (i forget how...it has something to do with the license requirement i think).

    4. 98.2% possible at best instead of 100% when you finish the game. This is due to the fact that GT2 was originally supposed to have drag racing, but this got dropped due to time constraints. PD never fixed the total game percentage until several months later.

    5. Numerous typos; the most famous being when you enter the first race in the GT300 it says "Grand Valley Bast" instead of Grand Valley East.

    6. Max Speed/Garage Bug. If you do Max Speed testing at the Test Track and save your game, it's very possible some very weird :censored: will start to happen with your game over time. The records (where you've got your Top Speeds saved) get all screwy and won't make any sense. Cars may vanish from your garage. It's also possible for "mystery cars" to suddenly show up in the garage. These mystery cars will be called NO NAME instead of Toyota or Nissan or whatever. They may have very weird sound effects. They may also be transperant. All sorts of weird stuff. But the WORST thing about this bug is it can make all the cars in your garage vanish.

    Version 1.1
    1. Car wash still not fixed (i think).

    2. Tahiti Maze fixed. The Peugeot completes the entire course.

    3. I forget about the muscle car part but i'm pretty sure they fixed it.

    4. total percentage still at 98.2%

    5. Some typos fixed (including the one listed above at GT300). But they never got all hte typos!

    6. Garage Bug still not addressed (according to people who owned version 1.1).

    Version 1.2 aka Greatest Hits

    Everything listed above has been addressed and fixed except a few miscellaneous typos and odd glitches, like two cars that rub fenders with one another can wind up "melting" into one another for a few seconds (true). The Max Speed/Garage bug is also supposed to be fixed. 100% game percentage possible.

    ....NOte: It could be that even if you got those gold licenses by paying for them, you'd STILL have problems with black screens somewhere else. I'd save that $20 and get a brand-new set of GT2 discs if possible.
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    Yeah, I agree with Parnelli Bone. Sounds like your disc is scratched or otherwise screwed up.