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    Hi there
    Need some help with ffb in game settings for csw v2.5 .i have tried various settings from you tube ,etc but it still feels like I am turning against a spring with no feeling of the road through the wheel .
    I can feel bumps but barley feel kerbs and almost no road feel what so ever .
    I have tried setting in game to auto but this makes it worse ,plus all the tracks can’t be that smooth can they ??? , as other games (r3e,ac) feel ten times better .Is the ffb off in this game as I used to play it prob 6 months ago and it was ok but now feels just like a spring in my wheel !!! .
    Any help would be great.
    Regards Mike
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    I have a g29 can't really give you any help apart from double checking your connections and settings. There is some reddit posts that say, for your wheel, to exit the sim and reload it. There's also the auto setting for ffb. Have your mouse active while testing, this setting is in sound for some reason. Drive a few laps press f9 blackbox and a auto button next to ffb appears. Hit it and it will set your ffb. Try to avoid any off's or big kerb hits while driving.
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    I hated iRacing with the V2.5. Granted the only car I spent any time with was the mx-5 cup. But the lack of detail was very off-putting for me. Fast forward to today I have a DD2. The same car feels like it has a bit more detail, but still offers the same overall feel. More racy cars feel better, but still exhibit a similar rubber band feel. It's just kind of the nature of iRacing FFB model. I don't particular care for it, especially when comparing to rFactor2.

    I always describe it as iRacing FFB model has the goal of providing precisely what the real cars' steering wheel would provide in the real world with zero additional "add-ons". Whereas other sims tend to focus on SIMULATING the overall driving experience, rather than just properly REPLICATING a car's steering column forces.
  4. Erik Luke

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    Start with setting the wheel to the settings in the video or below:

    SEN 900
    FF 100
    SHO 100
    ABS User Preference
    DRI 002
    FOR 100
    SPR 100*
    DPR 100*
    BRF User Preference

    From there use the iRacing in game wheel settings to this:

    In-Game Settings:
    Wheel Range and Map Range: Automatically determined by calibration wizard
    Use Linear Mode: Unchecked
    Reduce force when parked: Checked
    Strength: 8.5**
    Wheel force: 7Nm
    Damping 0%
    Min Force 0.0%

    I used auto calibrate in iRacing when I changed cars.