I want to become an Advanced riding instructor.

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    Hello everybody, can I just say that this is something I have always wanted to do.Because this is where my confidence comes from and is how I enjoy riding by learning more and more about it.I don't have any problem jumping on any bike and riding it.Not at all.In fact it's very easy for me to do.I will be doing my advanced riding course soon and I don't want to sound cocky, I want to pass my diploma in advanced riding to become an instructor so that people can learn more about riding a bike, like I will be doing.Things like avoiding accidents or whatever I may learn.

    Cheers Nath.

    P.s. The more people learn about advanced riding the better.
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    It's always fun to teach people the thing you love to do. I do a lot of karting and I'm constantly trying to get people to go with me. Have a girlfriend who went from too scared to even go, to be only 3 seconds slower than my personal best. The rest is up to her though ;)