I was here years ago, but never was active. Back.

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    Seriously, I was never super-active here before, and I haven't posted in 6 years, apparently. I got super-active on Twitter and really just lost interest in forums as a whole. Also, stuff in my life has changed rather dramatically since I was last here too... I announced to Twitter friends in late 2011 that I was transgender, and slowly but surely, started going under a different identity as a result. I've never legally changed my name or anything else due to financial issues, sadly.

    But... yeah. If I ever get to a point I can do all that, my name will be Clover Nico Star. But you may call me either one of those separate or all 3 at once if you want.

    Ahhh... sorry for the huge paragraph there. Had to say it in some way though, it's important to me.
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    Welcome back.