i9/GTX2080 with triple 1440p/1080p performance

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    Posted before asking for advice regarding size/res on monitors for a triple screen setup. Ended up buying 3 x 32in 1440p monitors (AOPEN 32HC1QUR). Set them up using NVidia Surround. Unfortunately not getting a smooth performance/fps with 7680x1440:

    ACC: Low (92-114fps), Mid (55-70fps), High (39-47fps) and Epic (23-36fps)
    PC2: Low (79-93fps), Med (60-80fps), High (35-46fps)
    iRacing: Good settings around 150fps but dropping to under 100 when racing against others.

    Borrowed 3 x 1080p and run exactly same sims/configs:

    ACC: Low (100-134ps), Mid (90-100fps), High 65-70fps) and Epic (49-50fps)
    PC2: Low (110-120fps), Med (60-100fps?), High (70-90fps?) I must have mixed up some settings here.
    iRacing: Good settings around 180fps but dropping to under 120 when racing against others.

    I wonder if anyone with the same/similar setup can comment on their results and configs. I wonder if I am missing anything on how to set the screens up.

    Many thanks

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  2. breeminator


    I'm looking at getting a triple screen setup and was looking for info on frame rates with specific graphics card when I found this post. So thank you for posting that information, it's really useful to know that a 2080 is giving those frame rates with those games at those resolutions.

    I'm not surprised that you're finding 3 x 1440p is a struggle, I'd already decided to go for 3 x 1080p instead, but what I wasn't sure about is just how good a card is needed to get decent frame rates at 3 x 1080p. From your data, it looks like even 3 x 1080p will soak up pretty much all the GPU power we can throw at it if we want >100fps in ACC and PC2 with decent quality settings.
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  3. Crazydoc


    My rationale for keeping the 1440p was that I may replace the Video Card in the near future (and potentially sell the 2080) but it would be hard to sell the three 1080p screens.

    When I forget to look at the frame rates, the overall experience with all the Sims (ACC, AC, F12019, iRacing, and PC2) is very good. I do not find frame dropping an issue. I did modify the settings to accomplish that but not to the point it affects the visuals too much. I keep the mirrors on (which is a huge frag on FPS) to keep it more realistic.
  4. breeminator


    I just bought a single 27" 1080p Freesync 2 monitor to see how it goes with my 6 year old R9 290, before deciding whether or not to add two more. It's the first time I've had a variable sync screen, and I have to say, it's game-changing in terms of being able to get away with lower frame rates. I was trying RaceRoom and I preferred higher quality at 50-70fps to lower quality at 90-110fps. The higher frame rate just doesn't seem to be that beneficial for driving games. For Unreal Tournament it's a different story, 100fps is massively better than 60fps. But for a driving game, I feel it's more important to be able to see the track clearly with higher image quality, provided the motion is smooth enough, and variable sync keeps it smooth even at fairly low frame rates, so it sounds like you're finding the same thing.
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    Hi there. :) I have a similarly powerful graphics card as you (1080 Ti), and my fps in ACC looks fairly similar to yours. I play using 3x BENQ XL2720Z in 1080p.
    What I would advise is to set the graphics settings you find most importat to whatever values you prefer, and then adjust the resolution scale. If you for example lower it from 100% to 90% then you should get about 10 fps more (at 1080p) without noticing too much difference in quality.

    I think my fps in PCars 2 was a bit higher than what you posted.