Idaho DLC Now Available Along With Update 1.38

Discussion in 'American Truck Simulator' started by Joey D, Jul 16, 2020.

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    The new Idaho DLC is out and SCS really did a great job with the state. There are now points of interest that show cinematic cut scenes when you stop at them. There are also potatoes for days, including billboards for the world-famous Potato Queen.

    If you own Washington and Oregon, you can buy the Northwest pack on Steam and makes the DLC $8.99 instead of $11.99 so that's a plus too.

    To go along with the new DLC, there's a new World of Trucks event called "Cruising Idaho". You need to deliver cargo to or from all 11 Idaho cities and you get a pair of paint jobs. Once the community reaches the end goal (30,000,000 miles), everyone then gets a Peregrine Gem thing to hang from the rearview mirror. Apparently, the Peregrine Falcon is the state raptor (not the state bird) of Idaho. The gem part comes from the state's nickname, The Gem State.

    Finally, update 1.38 dropped with the DLC as well. It gives players a reworked Las Vegas, better truck stops, a new route advisor, an RGB colour picker for trucks, and a handful of new roads and companies.
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    As a fellow Gem State resident, I can say that these cities are very accurate. I love the trip from Boise up to Lewiston, and the Twin Falls bridge is spot on! It even has the paragliders :)