Ideas for updates, races and menu books

I have a few ideas for updates, races and menu books for GT7 that I want to share with you. You can post your own ideas as well.

Update Idea #1 - GT2000 Update

  • Honda NSX '90
  • Toyota ALTEZZA RS200 '98
  • Mazda RX-7 Type RS (FD) '98
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) '99
  • Subaru Legacy B4 RSK '98
  • Seattle Circuit
Music Rally
  • Mirage by Daiki Kasho

Update Idea #2 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 15th Anniversary Celebration Update

  • Eiger Nordwand
  • London
  • Blitz Dunlop ER34 '07
  • Ferrari 599 '06
  • Ford Mustang V8 GT Coupe Premium '07
  • Lotus Elise 111R '04
  • Mine's BNR34 Skyline GT-R N1 base '06
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR '05
Content that is not tied to any theme/update:

Menu Book Idea #1 - '90s Japanese Car Festival
  • PP: 700
  • Chilli peppers/increased difficulty
  • Requires proffesionally tuned Japanese car from the 1990s
  1. High Speed Ring - 5 laps
  2. Suzuka Circuit - 5 laps
  3. Mobillity Resort Motegi - 5 laps (requires adding Motegi to the game first)

Menu Book Idea #2 - Like The Wind
  • You can use Tomahawk S in this race series
  1. Daytona Oval/Superspeedway - 5 laps - 68,000 Cr. for first place
  2. Special Stage Route X - 1 lap - 70,200 Cr. for first place
  3. Indianapolis Superspeedway - 5 laps (requires adding Indianapolis to the game first) - 69,800 Cr. for first place
Menu Book Idea #3 - Festival Italia
  • PP 700
  • Italian cars only
  1. Monza - 5 laps
  2. Lake Maggiore GP - 5 laps
  3. Rome Circuit - 5 laps (requires adding Rome Circuit to the game first)

Race Idea #1 - Grand Valley 300km (requires adding Grand Valley to the game first)
  • PP 800
  • 60 laps
  • 2,000,000 Cr. for the first place
Race Idea #2 - World Touring Car 800 at Nurburgring Nordschleife
  • 60 minutes
  • 1,000,000 Cr. for first place
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I'd love to see a new Bonus Menu where instead of a trio of single races, it's actually an all-new championship - one that would require earning one of the later licenses. As for potential championships that could require an Super License, maybe you could see one focused on Gr.1 - including rounds at the Daytona Road Course and Le Mans - or perhaps the F1500T-A.

We also still only have a single event at Monza and Mt. Panorama. The former could be a good place for an additional Ferrari Cup or Gr.1 Prototype Series event, while the latter could feature a round of the WTC 700 and/or WTC 800.
I won't talk about cars because we quite clearly have enough threads for that already. Same for tracks.

But racing events? I definitely have quite a lot of ideas piled up that I can share here.

PD promised to give us up to 24 hour Endurance Races (in the missions section) on their April statement.

Missions new Menu: "The Enduring"

(All races have a 1x tyre deg and 1x fuel consumption).

Mission 1: 4 Hours of Tsukuba
-Cars allowed: Road Cars - Max PP: 650
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 4.000.000 Cr. (Gold+Silver+Bronze)
AI: 15 cars - Mix of sports and supercars tuned to 650pp

Mission 2: 4 Hours of Nurburgring
-Cars allowed: Only Gr.4 (BoP)
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 5.000.000 Cr.
AI: 19 cars - Gr.4

Mission 3: Suzuka 1000km
-Cars allowed: Only Gr.2 Super GT (BoP)
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 6.000.000 Cr.
AI: 19 cars - Gr.2 Super GT

Mission 4: 6 Hours of Monza
-Cars allowed: Gr.1, Gr.2 and Gr.3 - Max PP: 950
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 7.500.000 Cr.
AI: 19 cars - 7 or 8 Cars Gr.1 / 2 or 3 Cars Gr.2 / 8 or 9 Cars Gr.3

Mission 5: 8 Hours of Motegi (assuming the track will be added to the game).
-Cars allowed: Road Cars - Max PP: 750
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 8.000.000 Cr.
AI: 19 cars - Mix of supercars and hypercars tuned to 750pp

Mission 6: Bathurst 12 Hours
-Cars allowed: Only Gr.3 (BoP)
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 15.000.000 Cr.
AI: 19 cars - Gr.3 BoP

Mission 7: 24hr of Daytona
-Cars allowed: Only cars from 1970 or before - Max PP: 720pp
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 20.000.000 Cr.
AI: 19 cars - Mix of Historic Race cars from 1970 or before (330 P4, 917k, XJ13, 2J, Mark IV, 250 GTO, Daytona Coupe, etc).

Mission 8: 24hr of Le Mans
-Cars allowed: Gr.1, Gr.2 and Gr.3 - Max PP: 930
-Rolling Start side-by-side.
-Reward: 30.000.000 Cr.
AI: 19 cars - 7 or 8 Cars Gr.1 / 2 or 3 Cars Gr.2 / 8 or 9 Cars Gr.3

Car Rewards:
-All Bronze or above: Sauber Mercedes C9 '89
-All Gold: Porsche 917k '70

Café Menu Book: Super GT Championship
-Cars allowed: Super GT
-Rolling Start side-by-side.

Race 1: Tokyo Expressway - South Counterclockwise - 10 laps
Race 2: Fuji International Speedway - 10 laps
Race 3: Kyoto Driving Park - Yamagiwa + Miyabi - 10 laps
Race 4: Mount Panorama - 10 laps
Race 5: Suzuka Circuit - 10 laps

-Rewards: 200.000 per race (without CRB) + 500.000 Championship win
-Menu Book Reward: Any Gr.2 Super GT car.

Café Menu Book: Like the Wind
-Cars allowed: Max PP: 850 (only road cars)
-Rolling Start side-by-side.

Race 1: Daytona Super Speedway - 30 laps - 225.000 Cr. (without CRB)
Race 2: High Speed Ring - 25 laps - 255.000 Cr. (without CRB)
Race 3: Special Stage Route X - 5 laps - 265.000 Cr. (without CRB)

AI: Mix of supercars and hypercars tuned to about 850 pp and with the right gearing for top speed (not hit rev limiter like on past GTs).

-Menu Book Reward: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '13

Café Menu Book: Super Formula Championship
-Cars allowed: Dallara SF19 Honda/Toyota
-Grid Start.

Race 1: Autopolis - 42 laps
Race 2: Fuji International Speedway - 41 laps
Race 3: Twin Ring Motegi - 35 laps
Race 4: High Speed Ring - 50 laps
Race 5: Suzuka Circuit - 30 laps

-Rewards: 650.000 Cr. per race (without CRB) + 2.000.000 Cr. for the Championship win.
-Menu Book Reward: 6* Ticket (Normal)

Café Menu Book: Red Bull Championship
-Cars allowed: Red Bull X2019 Competition
-Grid Start.

Race 1: Mount Panorama - 50 laps
Race 2: Daytona International Speedway - 54 laps
Race 3: Circuit de Barcelona - 66 laps
Race 4: Nurburgring GP/F - 60 laps
Race 5: Red Bull Ring - 71 laps
Race 6: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - 44 laps
Race 7: Autodromo Nazionale Monza - 53 laps
Race 8: Watkins Glen International - 55 laps
Race 9: Suzuka Circuit - 53 laps
Race 10: Autodromo de Interlagos - 71 laps

-Rewards: 1.250.000 Cr. per race (without CRB) + 6.000.000 Cr. for the Championship win.
-Menu Book Reward: McLaren MP4/4 '88

All AI if on Hard mode, should be as challenging as the "The Human Comedy - Maggiore 1hr Gr.3" AI at the very least.

I tried to be "realistic" a bit on the patterns for each mission/cafe menu book races and rewards (lol at this last one, but it seems fair at least).

There would be plenty (really, a ton) more events to be added featuring several other types of cars, but I would personally like these endurance-type events with high level category cars to be added the most. Especially in Championship format which this game is lacking big-time.

One more idea, and this one should be obvious:

Car Testing in Special Stage Route X featuring:

-Ability to test a car's top speed over the 10km straight
-Ability to test a car's 0-100kph, 0-200kph, etc times.
-Ability to test a car's G force when launching the car from a standstill.
-Ability to check a car's drag times (0-400, 0-1000m, etc).

... So basically, what you had in Gran Turismo 5. Still wonder why PD is sleeping on this. Tons of folks like to just spend time fine tuning their cars to just achieve the highest top speeds. Why is this not in this game yet is a huge surprise to me. PD certainly watches youtube enough to notice the plethora of people who post tons of videos about cars top speeds on the specially designed test track right!? They can't be this ignorant...
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A while back - before we even got the first post-launch Menu Books - I decided to come up with a few of my own, and tie some events to them as well. Since we now know that the post-launch books are either dedicated to the races or to the car collecting, with no combined menu books similar to the original 39, I'm gonna solely focus on the events, and lay them out similar to how @Grimm6Jack has done so above me.

Lightweight Challenge - Limited to road cars under 1000 kg (2204 lbs) only - 700 PP limit
  • Brands Hatch GP - 4 laps - 65,000 Cr. (97,500 Cr. CRB)
  • Goodwood - 5 laps - 70,000 Cr. (105,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Alsace Village Reverse - 4 laps - 75,000 Cr. (112,500 Cr. CRB)
I imagine once Lotus returns to the game, these events are gonna be a whole lot of fun to tackle in an Elise. Or you could always just cheese them in a detuned Enzo...

Premium Sports Lounge - Limited to road cars above 100,000 Cr. only - 800 PP limit
  • High Speed Ring - 8 laps - 110,000 Cr. (165,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Monza - 5 laps - 125,000 Cr. (187,500 Cr. CRB)
  • Road Atlanta - 7 laps - 130,000 Cr. (195,000 Cr. CRB)
A lot more variety in this one. Probably a lot of ways to go about it. Interesting to see what'll be the fastest option.

Group C Series - Limited to pre-1993 Gr. 1 cars only - 950 PP limit

  • Le Mans No Chicane - 3 laps - 220,000 Cr. (330,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Tokyo Expressway East Counterclockwise - 6 laps - 240,000 Cr. (360,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Mount Panorama - 6 laps - 240,000 Cr. (360,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Watkins Glen - 8 laps - 250,000 Cr. (375,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Monza No Chicane - 7 laps - 250,000 Cr. (375,000 Cr. CRB)
Here's where the real money starts to come in.

'80s F1 Challenge - Limited to the F1500T-A and MP4/4 only

  • Interlagos - 12 laps - 350,000 Cr. (525,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Catalunya No Chicane - 11 laps - 360,000 Cr. (540,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Suzuka - 9 laps - 375,000 Cr. (562,500 Cr. CRB)
  • Spa-Francorchamps - 8 laps - 385,000 Cr. (577,500 Cr. CRB)
  • Brands Hatch GP - 13 laps - 390,000 Cr. (585,000 Cr. CRB)
  • Monza No Chicane - 10 laps - 400,000 Cr. (600,000 Cr. CRB)

Big money for whoever's winning these - the AI will be around as competitive as the cruel monsters in the Human Comedy events. Better switch to Easy if you can't handle that.
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I would like to have better AI as soon as possible.

And the biggest feature that i am missing is:

- The offline multiplayer championship

- The same championship that exists online but offline
- You can make the races off line against AI to obtain race points (time to finish, level AI, position, clean race and others) and than see your position against other players and get points for that race. Several automatic championships by level, region , sub-region, country, friends
- A very important feature is that you have the same penalties that have online and only 3 tries per race.
- with this you start to know your rivals (people with same level)
- Participate in a champioship. Almost all events offline are one race event and the objetives are money and pride.

Why this?
I don't have time to race fixed hours in fixed days. With these offline championship, i start to be more motivated to race a championship with other people and know who is at my level.
With these you can also train for online event (if they were the same) because the penalties for bad races are the same.
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