If you want racer to drive clean , you have to give them incentives to do so

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    SR rating is just a number next to your name. If you really want racer to behave you have to give them a reason too because a higher SR. Give them more XP or Credit. There has to be a payout at the end beside just finishing first. You also need to reinforce that behavior through the Campaign mode. Example : Have mini-games or driving licensing test that teach the game how to behave on a track. Teach them how to recognize situation and what to do in that situation. You cannot do any official races until you have the "Sportsmanship" licenses or have specific events that requires the "sportsmanship" license to enter . The whole concept of clean racing has to be enforce through out.

    It's very hard to break 20 years of GT habits. For the longest time, it was just faster to use the AI to break or bounce through a corner because the car is almost unaffected, there is 0 damage and it just plain faster to do it that way. You cannot expect the same population who has played this game the same way for years to change overnight. It is the same problem with Forza on Xbox. I don't even dare to go online.
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    I think the issue is with the penalty algorithm in the game, damage model and the amount of laps. PD should have years of online data from us bouncing off each through the various iterations of GT. If the game caved in front air dams, fenders, side panels and modeled the associated pitfalls, it would have a huge impact. A penalty system that puts users in a virtual time-out after you have accumulated X amount of bad driver points would help as well.
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    how about more money per each turn / laps you do clean. If you do a perfect clean race, you gain 5x the credit/XP
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    How about a multiplier you can lose. With up to 0.5x increase per clean overtake / perfect corner, and a 1x per clean lap. As soon as you drive off-track or hit another car - your multiplier is lost. This should make things pretty interesting, making those rammers into clean racers. The payout would be good, or "bad". All coming down to how you drive.
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    A reward system for clean driving is a good idea generally but it only works if it is fully integrated into the game economy and really helps with progression. As it sits now cars and credits seem quite easy to come by which would negate much of the impact of an incentive system.

    I think a more immediate disincentive system would be more effective. A damage system for example or a loss of rewards for excessive contact. Of course the innocent will suffer even more under with more punitive penalties but the hope is it's enough of a disincentive to minimize contact.
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    I think the penalty should be an automatic slowdown, not just slow down if you want to and recurve the penalty at the end in your final time
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    The current SR system matches each driver with people at a similar SR. I guess you might say higher isn't necessarily better.

    If you want to race ("Rubbin' is racing") then your SR will eventually match you to people who drive the same way. If you want to multiplayer hot lap and avoid SR degrades due to trying to pass, the SR system will match those people together.

    That's all the SR needs to do. If you offer incentives to "clean" racing (whatever that is - Open wheel racing style is very different to touring cars which is different to LMP which is different to NASCAR etc) then you'll just limit everyone to hot lapping but no passing because everyone is too scared of losing their bonus.

    So, no.