IF2C Sign Ups: F1 2017 Classics

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United Kingdom
I own a league called IF1C and we will be doing our 5th on F1 2017 next month. For Season 5, we will be having a Tier 2 for the first time in series and it will take advantage of the classics cars that are on F1 2017. The league will begin 2 weeks after IF1C (Tier 1) starts so this league will start in the first week of November. The calendar as a result is 2 races shorter than the IF1C calendar with the series will shorter variations of the 4 tracks IF1C is going to and it will take advantage of the night race at Monaco. We will be using all of the C1 cars available and 2 C2 cars and these cars will variate every week. The league will be on every Wednesday at 7pm BST and it is on the PS4 platform. All assists will be made available except Braking Assists, Pit Assists and Pit Release Assists. To enter you will need to give me your PSN, Full name, Nationality and Number you want to be represented with. Below is the Calendar and people who have signed up.

Signed Up:
#11 Armando Guzman (USA) (El_COCHILOCO_23)
#14 Gareth Lewis (GBR) (Gazzerf1)
#25 Trey Richards (GBR) (Sweaty_BunnyZz)
#26 Olly Flavell (GBR) (ollyflavell)

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