I'm back. Kind of.

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    Good day everyone. My name is Tim and some stupid reason, I'm known here as ASSCVCCS. Don't ask.

    OK, so why on Earth am I introducing myself when it says on my profile I've been here since December 2011? Well, lots of things, but I basically just concentrated on playing online on GT5. Nothing serious, mainly shuffle races, cruising lobbies and 'drag' races on Route 7. Also, life was a factor, with lots of exams and what have you.

    I didn't really do much on my first short spell, I spent most of my time snooping around the photomode competitions forums. I never entered, I just looked at the pretty pictures... :lol:

    Anyway, after getting a new PS3 and GT6 with it, I thought 'I wonder if that website is still going that had those photo competitions on it...' and thankfully, it was. It's still thriving a year after GT6, which is amazing considering I got bored racing on GT6 after about 2 weeks. So, I'm now browsing the place daily, which is great, especially after discovered The Rumble Strip.

    Anyway, quickfire questions: GO!

    How did you find GTPlanet?
    Probably Google. It was so long ago now and I remember nothing from 2011... :lol:

    Where are you from?
    The middle of England. That's all you need to know.

    When did you start playing the Gran Turismo games?
    I don't remember life without GT, I'll put it that way. Own GT1 through 6 to this day, favourite being either GT2 or GT4.

    Do you play with a steering wheel?
    Nah, I'm not that serious of a racer. I just like cars!

    What other games do you enjoy?
    Most racing games, particularly rally games. Me and rallying are very close. Otherwise, I'll play just about anything else.

    What are you most looking forward to doing in the community, now I'm back?
    PHOTO COMPS! I promised myself I would. Also, the motorsport forum looks cool too. And probably some really stupid ones, too. :D

    Anyway, this post is getting too long, so I'll end it here. I'll see you guys soon (hopefully)!
    Forza GTPlanet! :gtpflag:

    (Oh man, just realised how contradictory that is saying that on a Gran Turismo forum, eek! :boggled:)
    (Also, just removed the shudder, considering I'm now part of a cruising crew. :p)
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    Welcome (back)! :cheers:
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    Welcome again.
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