I'm over a decade late to Tourist Trophy and I have some questions.

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What is the best riding form to reduce the twichiness when shifting the weight from side to side? I'm not accustomed to playing racing games with a joystick. I find that leaning over as far as possible and regulating the speed with the right joystick and rear brake is the smoothest way. I also can't seem to make my motorcycle wheelie no matter what I do.

It seems as if all of the motorcycles that I have ridden so far can somewhat easily crush their top speed that has been measured in real life testing. Motor Cycle Weekly recorded a one-way best speed of 133 miles per hour for the Honda CB900F, but the Honda CB750F in Tourist Trophy will significantly go past 145 miles per hour as long as you fiddle with the gearing.

When I try to save a photograph to my USB it fails in the middle of the process and tells me that the USB isn't connected to my Playstation 2 or something similar to that. Why does this happen and how can I solve this issue?
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