Imma Say Haaaaay

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    Haaaaaay. <---- See I did it!

    Anyways, hiya! It is 5:41am as of right now, so this will be rambling and not make sense, but meh.

    So, I have played racing games on and off all my life, always loved racing, played GT3 through most of my early childhood, the usual stuff. But it has mostly been single player due to bad internet connections previously, until now! My house now has a stable, decent connection-enough to play online for my first time ever!

    And guess what game I tried to play online for the first time? Assetto Corsa PS4. Public servers. :l

    So I started searching around for a community of people to race with, because I could not for the life of me find any decent people on Assetto at all for like the longest time, until about an hour ago when I finally came out from under my rock and found GT Planet! After looking around for awhile, I'm excited to join a league or two and learn the ropes of competitive racing finally, I've waited most of my life to finally get to do this!

    Hmm, what else...I currently own Project CARS and Assetto Corsa for the PS4, but mostly just play Assetto now because physics.

    Should I include other stuff in here? Non-racing things? Yeeess.- I love edm music, watching the news, and random stupid crap that I find funny.

    I dunno what else to include and I think I am doing okay at this intro, so Imma cut it short here and say it one more time for y'all.

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    Gender, age, shoe size, tall, short, fat, skinny, pale, beautiful tan, hobbies like knitting for instance, etc.... .

    BTW, before I forget welcome to :gtpflag:

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    Haaayyy hayyyyy, Fenris!!!!

    Welcome to the cozy little family! :D :gtpflag: