Impossible to keep the Nissan GT4's on the road IMO

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United States
I was doing the Manufacturers Cup today at Suzuka and signed with Nissan. Unbeknownst to me, the GT4 was an absolute dog to drive.

I could do 2:08.1's in practice fine, but when it came to quali, pace began to drop off. I could barely do a 2:09.3 even with semi-fresh tyres. The tyre wear is absolutely horrid. I placed myself in 4th for the race, and made my way up to battling with the poleman by the end of the lap courtesy of T1 horror. By lap 4, I was well on the back of the leading car still. After that, literally everything started to fall apart. Out of nowhere I was 1 to 2 seconds off the pace, started understeering and oversteering horribly, I couldn't catch up through the esses and I was 1-2 seconds off the delta of the leading car. My car practically became a mobile chicane. I continued to try to keep the car on the road, and I did, but it was incredibly sluggish and time-consuming. After about 5 laps of running, I pitted onto medium tyres and started to regain pace for a few laps, before dropping off immensely once again. By midrace I had dropped down to P4. The car ahead of me who was 7 tenths slower in quali than me was gaining 5 tenths per lap on me in the race. It's crazy. It's like I was driving in a Haas. He ended up making a mistake at Spoon, making me right up the back of him. I eventually went to undercut him for hard tyres on lap 12, and came out 2-3 seconds ahead of him. By the end of the race he was 1 second behind.

I don't know if it's me or the car, but driving 4WD's around Suzuka is mind-frying me. I opened up my steering rotation and tried to use the least steering input I could, but there was no difference. Still sluggish as ever. Does anyone else who drives the Nissan GT4's have this problem? I regret choosing Nissan now as not only do I have to deal with the Haas-like GT4 car, I also have to deal with the no rear-grip GT3 car which is sluggish on the straights and is sluggish in the corners. Probably the worst GT3 and GT4 cars that you could get IMO.
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Yeah the Gr.4 Nissan does chew through tyres. The good news is that you have a few weeks to get to grips with it, and if you still don't like it then on 22nd May you can change manufacturer.

I also have to deal with the no rear-grip GT3 car which is sluggish on the straights

The Gr.3 Nissan GTR is an absolute missile on the straights. Literally one of the fastest in its category.
I chose Nissan. My quali time was around 208:3xx, so I’m a bit slower than you. I had a good race. Started in P3, went to P2 after the first corner and staid in that position until the end. Changed out the softs I started with after 8 laps, but there was still life in them. I use BB 3 to the rear.
In my opinion, the Nissan was pretty good On Suzuka due to its straight line speed and early acceleration out of corners. The car is so docile to drive that you have to take care not to shrub tire life off in every corner though.
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Personally, I find the Gr4 GT-R to be a dog. It's the heaviest car in the group (Veyron doesn't count), tire wear is bottom third and the AWD feels more like an impediment. Somehow, the CSA drivers are wringing every bit out of it but I can't trust the car from not understeering a million miles off on exit. At least at Suzuka, I was faster in just about any other car except a few handful.

Frankly, you only pick Nissan for the Gr3 and if you know how to manage the throttle properly. Then you'll have it rotating with power and eat up just about everyone down the straight.
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United Kingdom
I detest the GT-R in both Gr.3 and Gr.4 forms. You turn the wheel, it has a little think about it and then decides to dip its toe in the water in the direction you've instructed before eventually making an attempt at turning. Rapid down the straights, but a boat that I don't have the patience to learn how to sail properly
I signed with Nissan myself, after reading about how good they were... But both the gr3 and gr4 drive like heavy boats.
Talk about regretting signing with Nissan. I'll just skip the rest of the season completely as I really don't enjoy driving these boats.
Should have signed with Porsche, as I absolutely love driving the gr4 cayman, even if it's not the fastest, it's by far the most fun and rewarding gr4 to drive in my opinion.