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    Its snowboard season where I live, and the other week there was a good dumping of snow so we decided to go down. In my range of gear I have a helmet, which has speakers built in to it - Capix Skullcandy Collabs if any one is interested.

    The audio is transmitted from my phone via a standard AUX cord, with two male ends. The problem is, on the last day of the trip, I lost it. I know what you are thinking, how hard can it be to replace an average AUX cable? Well thats not what I want to replace it with.

    What I'm after is an in line remote/microphone that can be used with any pair of headphones. I have done a lot of research on Amazon and the best thing I can find is this: iLuv iEA85. This is pretty close to ideal, however it lacks an on board microphone. Other than that, size wise, it is great, the buttons are large. And the most important feature is the ability to use it with any pair of headphones.

    I am hoping that there is someone else out there with a similar problem and maybe a solution.

    Some more info:
    I looked into bluetooth headsets with 3.5mm jacks, such as the Jabra Clipper. However this was not ideal for a number of reasons:
    - Primary use would be while snowboarding, there is a risk of it falling off (cant tell how strong the clip is), a risk of it being damaged or not waterproof (to use the mic it would have to be in the open)
    - My car has bluetooth audio, and the audio quality is reduced and volume is lost, so I use AUX in the car.
    - Pairing with the device every time would be a pain, and having the connection drop randomly would also be frustrating.
    - Battery life would be reduced.

    Also, please dont recommend headphones with in line mics, as I already have a pair of quality headphones (Sennheiser HD449's).

    Lastly, I am currently using an iPhone 4 to play music, but I may change to Android if the iPhone 5 is disappointing. Or if my iPhone totally dies before then.

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate any suggestions or ideas.