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File An Incident Report
Drivers will have until 24 hrs after race to submit an IR to be reviewed for all series racing.

** When Filing an Incident Report, please make sure you upload the replay so we can find it quickly.**

ARL prides itself on being a clean, fun and competitive League, but as is the case with any level of racing there are always incidents that rise above what is allowable under the rules. We have revamped the IR system to make it easier for drivers and more intuitive for those filing, aiming to make it a more clear and transparent process when proceeding with an IR. Drivers will have 24 hours to file post race, and once the form has been submitted the driver will be notified within 72 hours of filing whether or not the incident rises to the level of supplemental discipline, this will include a full incident write-up for explanation. If it does not require supplemental discipline, no further action will be taken. If it does, the BoD will correspond with the at fault party with all subsequent communication. Penalties will be applied within 96 hours of initial filing. Under no circumstances should the driver who filed attempt to take matters into their own hands, be that in the thread, PM's or in game party chat. The BoD are here to handle that, and we do not want to create an aggressive or unwelcoming environment for any and all drivers. The same goes for those who have been filed upon. Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to @SydViscus for clarification, feel free to PM him at any time. It never hurts to ask.



-3 points from driver if self-reported by responsible party

-5 points if not self-reported

Examples of Minor Incidents: Illegal Blocking, Forcing cars off track with no damage, Unsafe re-entry causing no damage, Dive-bomb causing no damage, any infraction causing minor damage where one party is clearly at fault.


-8 points from driver if self-reported by responsible party

-4 points from team if applicable

-10 points if not self-reported

-5 points from team if applicable

2 Major incidents in two seasons triggers chat with driver safety

3 Major incidents in two seasons results in 1 race ban

Examples of Major Incidents: Forcing cars off track causing damage, Unsafe re-entry causing damage, Dive-bomb causing damage, any infraction causing major damage.


-15 points from responsible party

-10 Points from Team if applicable

Potential 1 race ban on first accrued, Automatic on second accrued

Automatic chat with driver safety

Examples of Egregious Incidents: Any move considered to be taking revenge on an opponent for perceived wrongs, any incident resulting in damage to more than 2 vehicles additional to drivers vehicle where one driver is clearly at fault, Any overly aggressive move resulting in major damage to an opponent (Forcing off, Dive-bombs, Unsafe re-entry)


-50 Points to driver

-25 Points to team

Automatic 1 race ban

Examples of Egregious Rules Infraction: Altering BOP after BoD Check, Using more than the allotted tire sets if deemed intentional.


- No benefit for conceding your position as that is expected, though it can be considered in determining penalty if not abided by.

- Minor damage is a maximum of two body panels and/or two suspension springs.

- Major damage is anything exceeding two body panels and/or two suspension springs, or any engine damage.

- Points removed from team will be additional to those lost by driver (i.e. -8 points from driver, -4 points from team is -12 points to team total).

- Chat with Driver safety will be done at the earliest convenience to the driver before the next race, it will be closed to other league members besides the at-fault driver and the BoD. Failure to complete the meeting may result in a one race ban being applied to the at fault driver.

- One race ban will be applied to the next race in the series where the infractions took place.

- Penalties and bans will not cross over between series, though they may be considered in determining the need for or severity of penalties applied.


Verdict: Supplemental Discipline Necessary

Blocking, Unsafe Re-Entry to the Track

Car #18 (SydViscus) illegally blocked car #23 (PApunk924) into 130R, Turn 15 (Race time 14:00.758) and proceeded to run wide (Race time 14:03.510). Car #18 then dangerously re-entered the track, causing damage to car #17 (Moby45)(Race time 14:06.597) and failed to apply the required brake pressure in time to make the Casino Triangle complex of turns 16, 17 and 18.

Additional Comments:
All further correspondence will take place between BoD members and the accused, no further communication will take place between yourself, the accused, or the BoD. Penalties will be applied within 96 hours of the initial filing. Thank you and see you on track.
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