Increasing max hp??????

I heard a this place called GTVault about this guy saying he had a 95,000 HP Escudo and then another guy said he had a 5,000 HP Calsonic Skyline. My question is, how do you raise the max HP at all after youve tuned it fully? MY Escudo has actually dropped about 40 HP (it has about 1841 HP now) from doing test course races (like the wind for example) that are 10, 15, and even 20 laps long for like the wind. I know the trick about changing the oil right when you get a car and I do that to all my cars and prize cars and that cant raise it thousands of HP so does anyone know how to get such ridiculous HP increases?
Look in the Hybrids and Gamesharks thread. Should clear things up.
Does a 95K hp car REALLY sound realistic to you? :lol:
And now, we kill this thread.
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