Infineon World Sports Car Race

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    Lineup: 200pts
    Nissan R89C Race Car 968hp, 900kg
    Mazda 787B Race Car 843hp, 830kg
    Pescarolo C60 Judd Race Car 846hp, 900kg
    Audi R8 Race Car 834hp, 900kg
    BWM V12 LMR Race Car 839hp, 900kg
    Honda Mobil 1 NSX (JGTC) 731hp, 1150kg (Stage 3 Turbo)

    Each tyre variety (R1, R2, and R3) must be used for at least 20% (24 laps) of the race.

    Laps 1-20:
    I start on R1 tyres. I pass the BMW and Audi on lap 2, followed by the Pescarolo on lap 4. By this time, the R89 and 787B's tyres have warmed-up and they start pulling away from me. I am 7s behind by the end of lap 5. A mistake at the first hairpin on lap 8 lets the Audi and BMW back through. I try to keep pace with them but I also have the BMW breathing down my neck. By lap 10, I am lapping in the high 1:26s-low 1:27s, more than 15s behind the R89.

    As my fuelload gets lighter, I drop down into the low 1:26s and start to edge away from the BMW. The R89 is the first to pit on lap 15, which leaves me 10s behind the 787B. The 787B, Audi, and the BMW all pit on lap 18, and the Pescarolo one lap later. I try to make it to lap 24 in order to fulfill my R1 obligation, but I can only do 20 laps before pitting for more R1s. I top up to 55/80 fuel units and head back out.

    Laps 21-40
    I rejoin right behind the Audi but pass him straight away at turn 3. However, I run wide at turn 8 and he repasses me. I catch back up to him and pass him again at the final turn on lap 22. But the R89 is now 24s ahead of me.

    Standings after 25 laps (all cars have completed one stop):
    Nissan R89C Race Car
    Mazda 787B Race Car +18s
    Pescarolo C60 Judd Race Car +25s
    Honda Mobil 1 NSX (JGTC) +27s
    Audi R8 Race Car +28s
    BWM V12 LMR Race Car +29s

    The R89 pits again on lap 30 and rejoins in front of the Pescarolo and I. The next 5 laps feature some of the most exciting racing of my career, as a 4-car freight train forms behind the R89 as he struggles to warm-up his tyres. I go up to 3rd and drop back down to 5th at least twice, and have many side-by-side moments through the esses. However, none of us can get past the R89. Meanwhile, the 787B is away laughing, building up his lead all the time. By lap 35, it is up to 18s. He pits on lap 36, and I pit a lap later, this time changing to R2s and topping-up to 50/80. My fastest lap on R1s was 1:25.527. I rejoin 32s behind the R89.

    Laps 41-60
    I pass the 787B for second place on lap 44. The R89 pits on lap 45 and I pass him easily whilst he warms-up his tyres. I build a 13s lead in just 4 laps before running off the road at turn 2 at the start of lap 50. This costs me about 3 seconds.

    Standings after 50 laps
    Honda Mobil 1 NSX (JGTC) (2 stops)
    Nissan R89C Race Car +10s (3 stops)
    Mazda 787B Race Car +11s (2 stops)
    Pescarolo C60 Judd Race Car +30s (2 stops)
    Audi R8 Race Car +31s (2 stops)
    BWM V12 LMR Race Car +32s (2 stops)

    I pit on lap 51 for more R2 tyres, thus completing 14 laps on an R2 set. I rejoin in 3rd, just ahead of the three-car battle for 4th. The 787B pits on lap 54, which allows me into the 2nd. The Pescarolo holds 3rd for a couple of laps before pitting himself. Meanwhile, 3 misakes in 3 laps see me lose more than 10s for the R89, which means that he emerges from his 4th pitstop just in front of me. Of course, I pass him instantly, and once again begin building a gap.

    Laps 61-80
    I make a mistake which lets the R89 back into the lead but I soon pass him again and stretch my lead to 8s before my rear tyres go south. I pit on lap 65 for more R2s, rejoining in 3rd. I make some more mistakes which allows the Pescarolo to close-up behind me. Turns 3 and 8 are the most difficult for me, especially on worn rear tyres. I have also dropped about a second from my pace. The car can now only do 1:25s laps at its quickest. When the 787B pits on lap 72, we are elevated to 2nd and 3rd respectively. The R89 pits on lap 75, which allows me to pass him once again as he warms-up his tyres. I build a 13s lead before pitting for R3 tyres and 40/80 fuel units on lap 79. This time I rejoin in a clear 2nd. My best lap on R2 tyres was 1:24.232.

    Standings after 80 laps
    Nissan R89C Race Car (5 stops)
    Honda Mobil 1 NSX (JGTC) +12s (5 stops)
    Mazda 787B Race Car +17s (4 stops)
    Pescarolo C60 Judd Race Car +40s (4 stops)
    BWM V12 LMR Race Car +41s (4 stops)
    Audi R8 Race Car +44s (4 stops)

    Laps 81-100
    A mistake again at turn 3 hinders my progress, but I make steady ground on the R89 and reduce his lead to 7s before my rear tyres go off once again, this time after only 9 laps. I lose a lot of time crawling back to the pits and the 787B passes me just as I enter the pitlane. Could this cost me the race??? This time I only put 28/80 units in the tank, knowing that my R3s can only carry me for 9 laps. To make matters worse, I rejoin right behind a three-car battle for 4th place. Luckily, the BMW and the Audi pit a lap later, as do the R89 and 787B. The 787B rejoins right in front of me, but I pass him at turn 7. There are just over 30 minutes of the race left. I somehow need to cut the 15s deficit to the R89, get past him and also make an extra stop. A daunting task.

    I start reducing the lead, lapping in the 1:23s. I pass the Pescarolo at the final turn on lap 93. He had done very well to get up to 2nd. I close up to within 2s of the R89 but incredibly I make a mistake again at turn 3 and go off the track. I am kicking myself. :grumpy:I pit at the end of the lap, rejoining in 3rd, 31s from the lead. We now all have one more stop to make. I have to make up 2s a lap on the R89.

    Laps 101-114
    I have a great battle with the 787B, who holds me up for over a lap before I finally pass him. But, nooooooooooo!!!! I go off the track once again at, you guessed it, turn 3. :ouch:By the time I catch up to, and pass the 787B again there are only 15 minutes of the race left, and the R89 is still 29s up the road. I reduce to gap to 26s before we both pit on lap 105. I rejoin 24s behind with 9 minutes remaining.

    End of lap 106: +22s
    Lap 107: +16s
    Lap 108: +8s (The 787B passes the R89 for the lead before pitting at the end of the lap). 5 minute remaining.
    Lap 109: +5s
    Lap 110: +2.5s
    Lap 111: +0.8s

    And so it has come to the last lap. I get through turn 3 safely before diving up the inside at turn 4. Job done! I keep my cool and cross the finish line 1.8s in front. What a race! A race I probably didn't deserve the win, but I will take it.:gtpflag:

    Final Standings (112 laps completed)
    Honda Mobil 1 NSX (JGTC) +12s (8 stops)
    Nissan R89C Race Car +1.8s (7 stops)
    Pescarolo C60 Judd Race Car +20s (5 stops)
    Mazda 787B Race Car +40s (6 stops)
    BWM V12 LMR Race Car +1:02s (6 stops)
    Audi R8 Race Car +1:05s (6 stops)
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    Race Fastest Laps
    Honda Mobil 1 NSX (JGTC) 1:23.237
    Pescarolo C60 Judd Race Car 1:25.086
    Nissan R89C Race Car 1:25.259
    BWM V12 LMR Race Car +1:25.741
    Mazda 787B Race Car 1:25.896
    Audi R8 Race Car +1:26.103