Initial D Special Stage "HD Remaster" Project

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Hey all, Very recently the PS2 emulator got the ability to dump texture files as well as load up custom ones. It's not part of the official public "release" build yet but it is easy enough to give the emulator this ability, So I decided as my first project to work on making an "HD" mod for IDSS. I am mostly using AI upscaling along with some custom work where needed. (More custom work will come later, right now it's just for the more dire of textures the AI struggles with.)

This brings me to a few comparison images, I have linked em externally because I run 4k at home, do disregard the broken speedo, that randomly broke and I haven't tried to get to the source of the issue yet because its an easy indicator of when textures are being replaced if I've replaced 1 texture and I'm trying to find it, and the garbled license place is just a glitch of the emulator currently.

Main Menu Translated
Title Screen Vanilla
Title Screen Translated

Myogi 1 Vanilla Myogi 2 Vanilla Myogi 3 Vanilla Myogi 4 Vanilla Myogi 5 Vanilla
Myogi 1 Upscaled Myogi 2 Upscaled Myogi 3 Upscaled Myogi 4 Upscaled Myogi 5 Upscaled

Usui 1 Vanilla Usui 2 Vanilla Usui 3 Vanilla Usui 4 Vanilla Usui 5 Vanilla
Usui 1 Upscaled Usui 2 Upscaled Usui 3 Upscaled Usui 4 Upscaled Usui 5 Upscaled

So I am intending to publicly the first build fairly soon, in the interest in transparency I will say up front that I do have a (new) Patreon for this work which can be found here for this upscale project as well as others in the future if people would like to support.

The 1080 resolution release will be publicly released. 1440 and 4k will be Patreon backed exclusively though, and 1080 resolution releases will be released a week early there.

This is by no means a need to back the project to get the texture pack thing, but did wanna put it out there up front before I do the public release and drop a bombshell on people, I did just wanna share this though because I figured some here may enjoy the work.
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Be careful when mentioning emulation around here. It's not a topic we like discussing publicly.

Thanks for the heads up, all on the up and up though works with the actual disk. it replaces the texture on the fly in memory as the game runs rather than replacing the files directly. So no need to acquire the game via dubious means in order to mod this or something like that.