Installed a 'real' wheel on to my T300RS base.

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I've been doing some research lately and saw someone who had bought a wooden Nardi wheel and installed it on his T300. They did that because they didn't want to spend the money to get the Thrustmaster Ferrari wooden wheel. I did some more research on how to attach wheels to my base and today I got it working!

The normal T300RS wheel can be taken apart. The wheel and all the buttons can be seperated, as if it was made to be customized. After that step I got a little converter or hub, whatever you wanna call it. That goes on the T300 button panel. On the other end of that hub is a circle with holes in it, to screw in any type of wheel.

Right now I'm using an old 14inch I had laying around, but I ordered an Alcantara 13inch rally style wheel. It works surprisingly well, I first thought it would be too big to be usable, but it isn't. There is however one drawback, the shift paddles are quite far back. I bet there are extenders or other mods you can install to make that better, but I have not found the solution yet.

I'll probably start collecting all type of wheel from now on, hang them up on a wall somewhere maybe.