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  1. SlotDave96



    Mini Cooper 1.8l '98

    Car Regulations:
    Tuning: Prohibited
    Sports hard
    Allowed: oil change, engine rebuild, chassis restoration, wheel rims, & paint

    Race Regulations:
    All aids off except ABS (driver's choice)
    tire wear on
    damage light/hard
    slipstream weak
    grip real
    penalty off
    boost off
    visible damage off
    race end timer set to maximum (3 minutes)

    Race Procedure:


    2 timed laps @ Brands Hatch Indy

    Race #1

    30 laps @ Brands Hatch Indy
    Grid Start, Fastest First

    Race #2

    20 laps @ Brands Hatch GP
    Grid Start, Reverse Grid Order

    Race #3
    20 laps @ Mount Panorama
    Grid Start, Reverse Grid Order

    Race #4

    30 laps @ Silverstone National
    Grid Start, Reverse Grid Order

    Race #5

    15 laps @ Silverstone
    Grid Start, Reverse Grid Order

    Flat points based upon race participation.
    (ie: 8 cars, 1st place gets 8pts, 2nd place gets 7pts, etc.)

    Race Steward.
    All racers are expected to be stewards - of good racing & rule adherence!
    Save replays in case you are called upon!

    Race will be hosted in my Lounge,
    add PSN: SSpeedyHedgehog

    This is only an Idea, please post any help, tips etc
    I have run previous events GT5 so have a bit of experience ;)
    And please post if interested or have tips
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  2. coxbox


    United Kingdom
    I like the idea, how ever I would like to offer a few changes, mighty minis run at 70 bhp and run sports tires, check their website to match specs,

    I would set damage to heavy to limit player contact too much, also I would make the races longer 10-30 laps.

    I will keep an eye on this, if you ever want to test just msg me.
  3. SlotDave96


    So we could use sports tires :)
    And the longer races I agree with ;)

    Heavy damage I am not sure of but maybe good to have a test race to be sure
  4. SlotDave96