Intermediates on 100%?

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    So im on my way to complete the game on 100% and the only thing left is the IA and the Super Category. I was driving rainmasters today with my Citroën road car and couldnt do it. This left me sad because i thought:"am i really this bad?" because im very competetive in racing games and usually think im relatively good. (i play without any assists). So then i went on gtplanet to see how others did. One guy said he easily won with the Citroën with Intermediates and I was like what? So i went to try and was baffled when i discovered that intermediates were so much better to drive on the track. So now i ask why intermediates are better on 100% than hard-rain tires
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    I am playing the game again and as you, want to finish 100% this time... I am switching between gt5 and gt6.. Tyre philosophy is very strange in gt6"I think.. Some cars handle better on sport soft tires than racing hard.. Then again in Gt5 you are faster in the rain on racing hards than rain tires. I don't know if they fixed it with a patch or not but they have simplified tyres philosophy and still manage to mess it..
    I personally hate drift challenges in gt6.. Btw come join the challenge hub here on forum while you still play gt6
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