Internet speed and router

Hey guys, I'm planning on getting a new router. So the current router that I have is a TP-link Archer C60. My internet connection is a 150Mbps connection. But through this router, the max download speed I get is between 90-94Mbps. And that's on the 5ghz band. Is this a router issue? If I get a better router would I get higher speeds on the 5ghz band?
Your Wireless is 150Mbps.
150Mbps is the maximum you could get in a perfect world, but the world is not perfect and even standing right next to the router you wont get 150Mbps.

Modern day AC wireless can get 5x more than that but you will still be limited by your ISPs speed.

Getting a new router is all well can good, but if you have no devices that can take advantage of the new wireless standards, no point apart from maybe more range.