Invitation Through Roulette

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I am confused about the invitation through roulette ticket. Why do we need an invitation to a car that we can't even buy anyway???

It would make better if the invitation was to get a prize car for free. We don't need an invitation anyway since we have access to all the cars in Brand Central.

Please take out the nonsense Invitation price in the Roulette ticket or give us an invitation to receive a free gift car of our choice.

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You can't buy some cars without invitations.
Then they should focus on the cars we can't buy. Dumb ass invitation!

I got an invitation to the La Ferrari and I was excited because I thought it was a gift car. I don't even have the money to buy it!!!
That's a 3 thumbs down for PD right there. 👎👎👎

Be better if I got an invitation for a free lap dance for my driver!!!
The Roulette Ticket Invitation is just a waste of a prize (IMO)

Aside from some Ferraris and the latest Ford GT, I don't recall actual manufacturers doing this in real life with exception of auction like waiting lists for extremely limited run models.

Wish Polyphony Digital would switch to a waiting list system (1-30 day login wait) instead of the invitation system or at least require a purchase from the manufacturer prior to acquiring their hero car (like Ferrari does IRL).
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The cars are restricted to invites for FOMO like a f2p mobile game does. I got a Ferrari invite and would love to buy one, but I don’t have the credits. Maybe I’d buy credits if it was like $5 for 2 million instead of $20.

It feels like they set it up to sell roulette tickets at some point with things like invites and engine upgrades already in there, I could see them doing roulette only cars too.
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I stopped doing the roulette as I don't need any of the cars they offer there anyways and the other items are just as useless.
I stopped doing the roulette as I don't need any of the cars they offer there anyways and the other items are just as useless.
Ill gladly take your 🎟 tickets if I could, I would offer double max cedits shown. 😆

Been waiting for a special part or the almighty engine swap of some sort.

I got a 6 star ticket for daily- guess what I got-

Yup, cedits. 5 gold bars. 500k, when there is always something 5x better in rotation.

Ive had 3 invitations, and friends have had same few invitations, those are kinda stupid. Heres a little bit longer window to buy a car- just put it in legendary if its so great.
Ford has a similar system for the Maverick. Eventually it'll be sold like the F-150, widely available. I think the '08 Adrenalin was on an invitation basis. I've only ever seen one, it was a sharp looking truck.