Invitation to Cross-Forum Championships


Zagreb, UTC+1
“AgentGreen46 -

It is a privilege for us to Invite your forum to participate in this event.
Even more important is how you can help to bring many different Gran Turismo communities of the world much closer then ever before.

There are so many different forums - some national, some multinational - some very huge, and some very specialized - All of them are unique in their own way, with great wealth of personal perspective and Love for GRAN TURISMO!

For sure many of you would enjoy sharing best of your own ideas and passions for Gran Turismo with even more people from entire world.

But because number of GT forums and enthusiast is truly incredible – we would like to propose only A VERY SIMPLE IDEA. Just to start some basic communication and sharing.

It is NOT about promoting some forums over any other forums. Nobody would like that, and anything similar would never work! We should all be partners, contributing to this goal with our best skills.

So it’s a very simple suggestion, ANY FORUM THAT JOINS WILL HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO ORGANIZE THIS COMPETITION NEXT TIME! And to share with rest of the world their own best ideas for enjoying GranTurismo and all motorsports. So all forums will get equal chance to show their best and contribute in any way they like :)

Threads for "Warm-up" competitions, where you can put to test anything that is said here, will soon be started at GTP 👍

Here are some links to explain in more details about actual competition. We hope not to upset any GTP rules regarding links, because these links are only to specifically dedicated sections (PURE forum and GTSurgeons forum), made just for events that promote sharing between communities – and threads for competitions will always be created on GTP as well. Also, if there is any need, it can be corrected.
Feel free to post there any questions, opinions or suggestions that you might have. (Maybe you could create similar sections in your own forum, because very soon you might be organizing something for the rest of us ;) ) (to general "International Lounge" thread) (to topic for actual competition)

Here are also links to our co-hosts forum PURE-Racing Evolution
And they will provide helping hand to your future events as well (just like in this one) should you decide to participate.

psn-id “AgentGreen46” is psn-id of our friend, member of GTSurgeons forum, Goran Subotić, who sadly passed away recently after years of fighting grave illness.
He inspired us, among other things, by devoting big part of his last days to being active member of ours, and his, community.
He gave us a gift, inspiration to respect and appreciate forever, even beyond Grand Turismo.

Many other forums are also getting their Invitations to join in. Not just to be participants, but partners. If you would like to suggest some other forums as well, please do :)

Looking forward to sharing many more experiences and ideas between our forums. Thank you :)

Best regards from friends at
GTSurgeons and PURE-Racing Evolution