iRacing vs other games

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by ImMano99, May 22, 2020.

  1. ImMano99


    Having played iRacing in the past but not owning a gaming PC. I don't really follow up anymore updates, etc...

    What are the pro and cons vs GT Sport, Project cars, ACC, etc...?
  2. jamman39


    Cons: Expensive, like way more than other sims
    Rookie season, early on, can be really discouraging

    Neutral: The physics model is controversial. I think it’s really good, some think it’s really bad. Whatever.

    Pros: Racing is scheduled in advance, which means that rather than random matchmaking your matched with the closest people to your skill level
    Safety and rating system encourages (but doesn’t always achieve) clean racing.
    Customer service is always really good, the few requests and protests I’ve made have all been handled within 2 business days.
  3. jamman39


    To explain what I mean about scheduled racing better:
    Let’s assume you and me are the perfect matchup and we’re randomly playing AMS2 and both want to race F3 cars. You queue up for F3 at Kyalami and I queue up for Brands Hatch, so we don’t race. Or you queue up at 5:45, I queue up at 6:10, we don’t race.
    iRacing says, this week F3 is racing at Kyalami, every race starts at the top of the hour. So we both get online a little before 6 and race that race together