Is 1.60 the final update for GT Sport? Because damage is looking a whole lot better.

South Africa
South Africa
Am I imagining it, or is there alot more damage to vehicles now after the last update?
I get the feeling this is a swan song to GT Sport support. Granted, this update went live just before the scheduled reveal of Gran Turismo 7 (potentially) but was subsequently delayed. What do you guys think?

Would you want PD to fully make the game fully playable offline before ending support?

Look at this video, clearly looks like theres much more damage.



United Kingdom
United Kingdom
100% won't be the last update, we're still due a couple more cars before the end of the year (Lambo VGT soon, Porsche VGT and 917LL later this year). Plus, if it was the last update, I doubt PD would leave the game in a state where if the servers were to go down, the game loses 85% of its functionality

The damage does look different, though