Is Alsace Village a TPE template, a la Eifel (Flat)???

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    Hey there!

    Some of you guys may (or may not) know me from the my popular custom courses for GT5 and GT6. I've had a lot of experience with the custom courses, as I drive almost exclusively on them.

    Upon seeing the teaser for Alsace Village, a few things stood out to me. The bland scenery, wide track, consistent runoff area in that one screenshot, and the way the start/finish like looks so generic.

    What I speculate is that Alsace Village is made using a template for a future/updated Track Path Editor the same way Circuito de la Sierra was released months prior to the TPE being available for public use.

    Any thoughts on this? I'd love to hear from veterans of the TPE, especially.
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    Yes, I believe what are you saying. Alsace Village does seem to be created from Eifel flat for me. But no problemo, that could lead to another thing like updated TPE, new course creation system, like you said.

    Others: Inb4 please don't saying rubbish words as PD is not creative, reusing old asset as new track and else. It is not going to solve anything
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    Please don't tell other members what they can and can't post, this is a discussion forum not an echo chamber.

    As long as it's within the AUP members are free to post both positive and negative views.
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