Is the ballast system broken or am I just missing something?

United States
United States
I tried looking through the bug reports to see if anyone had already raised the issue but am not seeing anything. Has anyone else noticed that when adding ballast it will add more weight than you are applying? I've tried it with different cars and it seems to be pretty universal.

Edit: Nevermind. If there is a way to delete this post I'll gladly do it (not seeing anything)
The "problem" I was seeing is the car's weight is listed in pounds, yet the ballast is measured in kilo's. Don't know how I hadn't made that connection as it was slightly over 2.2x the weight being added. They should just list all weights in one standard of measurement, but it's not the issue I thought it was. Just wish I'd noticed this before posting a thread, lol
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Same deal with the transmission. In the settings, the transmission is listed in kmh only whereas in the game I'm in mph