Is the Porsche 917 living legend delayed ?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Tricky Vega, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    Porsche is celebrating these days the 50th anniversary of their 1st victory at LeMans 24h with the legedary 917k number 23 and the previously announced Porsche 917 living legend should crown that celebration.

    However, alongside the introduction of the Taycan last November in Gran Turismo Sport, that amazingly looking tribute concept was announced for the first half of the year 2020, which leaves actually a week to do so.
    Porsche could have scheduled a special event at the LeMans 24h which are actually delayed to september due to COVID19, and may the addition of the concept car be so.

    ... Or not, remains a week or a few hours before a tweet from Kaz announcing a new update, who knows !?
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  2. eugene1


    All things considered, there should not be any pressure towards more new cars as they are working on the next game. I'm certainly going to stay relaxed about if more cars or not will be coming. This and the Lamborghini would be awesome, they most likely will be in GT7 anyway I would think.
  3. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    Yeah that's what I also think. If in some ways PD encounters some troubles trying to include a new car in Gran Turismo Sport they'd would not bother losing time on it, especialy now that they are close to the final sprint before a GT 7 released obsviously.
  4. TonyJZX


    We know this and the Lamborghini is coming but we dont know when. I also think both of these wont move the needle much on GT Sport.

    Why? You remember the last VGT? The Jaguar. What happened? Who knows? Who cares?

    Admittedly the Porsche and Lamborghini would seemingly be more high profile and highly anticipated but I dont think they will even do much at that time except for a sizzle video.

    Adding cars isnt enough. I think that's the whole theme down the line. They started with 12 cars, then 8? then 5? then three and even only one car.

    There's very little they can do that will revive interest and then why would they?
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  5. Tricky Vega

    Tricky Vega

    I think you're a bit wrong on that the trouble is not the cars but the misuse or underuse of them.

    The Jaguar VGT is very fun to drive, and is actually the car I got the most likes for a livery (1100+) so I check that car every day.

    Plus the Porsche 917 living legend has a huge amount of interest as an historic tribute to one of the most crucial car in Motorsport.... And also to make Gulf and Martini liveries on it ! lol !
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  6. juanffy18


    I think all of the effort is in GT7 now
  7. MisterWaffles

    MisterWaffles Premium

    Due to Corona, I wouldn't hold any of the previous plans for releasing content this year as complete fact now. There is of course a chance that PD will still release all of it, but I wouldn't be surprised or upset if nothing happens and it's just full sails towards GT7 now.
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  8. Cerebral303


    The car models are made to be good enough for GT7, and downscaled for GTS so I don't see why they wouldn't add these cars. As for when, everyone understands that things are flexible due to circumstances - maybe these come in a final update for GTS even after GT7 comes out.
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