is there a bug in GT Auto?

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using a 1991 Mitsubishi GTO. I engine swapped it, tuned it and created a livery for it and now it doesn't load in GT Auto. I tested other engine swapped cars and cars with many layers in the livery but its this specific gto the doesn't load. I can't do oil changes, car wash etc or customize in the livery anymore. the screen is stuck on the spinning circle around the GT logo. I have to shutdown the game and boot it back up. has any experienced a similar issue? waiting for another GTO in the used dealership to arrive so I can buy it and test it in GT Auto.
Yes I have that same problem only with the Suzuki Escudo where it doesn't load when I wanna change the oil and I have to try multiple times and some times even change cars to get it to work. Really annoying.
Has happened to me on numerous occasions (PS5 and strong WiFi) applying decals. I'll get halfway through an extensive livery and when I go to save it, the spinning circle just goes and goes and goes. I let it go for an hour once just to see if it would stop. It did not. So frustrating and there's no rhyme or reason to it.