Is Turn 10 Studios Still planning to implement A Penalty Adjudication System for Forza Motorsport 7?

Discussion in 'FM7 Online Racing & Leagues' started by Haulin_Hebrew, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Haulin_Hebrew


    During the promotion of Forza Motorsport 7 Dan Greenwalt and Bill Giese of Turn 10 Studios promised a Penalty Adjudication System to reduce ramming and Corner Cutting in Leagues and Multi-Player Lobbies. See (Article ) Leagues is in its third week since Leagues was launched and still no Penalties. I spoke with a guy online a couple days ago and he said turn 10 has Race Marshals with power to kick people for ramming, but what about the corner cutting drivers????

    Does anyone have any additional information on this
  2. PJTierney


    This question is better suited for the general FM7 forum.

    • There has been no mention of a penalty system after that article went live.
    • When asked about penalties, Dan/Bill have deflected and spoken about Adjudication (having human stewards at Forza RC events).

    Here is what you can expect:
    • No penalty system for corner cutting.
    • Increased activity from Forza Race Marshals in kicking the aggressive people they find in Hoppers (the programme started just before Christmas with the first wave of recruits).
    That’s about it really, the rest you’ll have to play another game to get.
  3. Rob_Willshire


    the problem is anyone can easy corner cut in ghost mode.
  4. Haulin_Hebrew


    This is horrible! I think FM7 will be my last purchase of the series. I'll just just race AI when my XBOX One GOLD subscription expires, I will NOT be renewing my subscription just to race a bunch of Arcade Racers. PS4 GT Sport, P CARS2 and Assetto Corsa will be my Go To Online race fixes.

    It is just laughable playing Forza Motorsport 7 Online. Guys exceeding track limits and cutting corners and winning the damn race. FM7 has really good physics, laser scanned tracks, fabulous car list. but without A penalty system it is not fit for online racing.