Isn't anyone playing Car Mechanic sim on consoles?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by slow_rider, Jul 8, 2019.

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    I'm surprised nobody is talking about this game since it finally got released on console.

    So far I am really enjoying the game, and I am surprised by how much content this game has. I didn't think you'd actually be able to test drive the vehicles with actual driving physics.

    I hope this game is successful so that they can some day make a sequel with more licensed vehicles included instead of being added later as dlc.

    Overall I would give the game a 9 out of 10. I have hardly encountered any bugs or issues with how the controls work on a controller, which most people thought would be a disaster, and the gameplay is very enjoyable, though not 100% realistic as some people might expect.
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  2. LM7325


    I saw it in the Xbox store and decided to try it out. I have a background in auto repair, I work in parts now. That being said so far I am enjoying it. The driving is a little wonky, but the wrenching is actually enjoyable, even if finding that one errant rubber bushing can be tedious on the larger repair orders.

    Hopefully soon I will have expanded the garage enough to get into the restoration work.
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    Agreed, I just hopped on to see if there was a thread/topic started on it yet. :confused:

    Yours looks like the first. :)
    I downloaded it a week or so ago on PS4 and must admit...GTSport has taken a backseat. :lol:
    Really enjoying the rebuilding process, though it can become repetitive after a while. Same "basic" suspension and chassis for all cars? Well, maybe a half dozen different chassis, but all still the basic workings look very similar. :indiff:
    I've hit level 41 so far and have opened the garage right up, 3 working bays, nice office and a mezzanine lounge. :)

    Really hoping they arrive with an update or two shortly....missing all the great cars that the PC users have access to is driving me nuts.
  4. LM7325


    Well I am now level 46, I started doing restorations at level 30. At first I was scouring the junkyard looking to save every car I found appealing, a few barn cars here and there too. After I had 4 garage levels full of poor derelicts that seemed quite profitable I decided to try for newer cars in the auction house. Now let me say the auction seems like a rip off, but once you get over paying up to 20k more than the car sells for you can really make money restoring them. For example, I snagged an Echos Cobra with just under 50K Kilometers for $153,000 in game, value was $146,000. So, I did my restoration magic with all the performance goodies for good measure. Afterwards I sold the car for $346,000 with an extra $68,000 restoration bonus. I still fix up the old junkers too, but the Auction calls to me lol.

    EDIT: Buy those expensive wheels, body parts and racing slicks to maximize your profit, they are expensive, but they pay for themselves like the performance parts do.
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