ISO Grifo 7 Litre 1969

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    Just look at this gorgeous Italian stallion! It's definitely one of my favourite classic GT's. The Grifo is powered by a 435 bhp 7 liter GM engine, which bestows it with rapid performance (top speed in excess of 170 mph) and that trademark V8 rumble.

    I love it :D
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  2. Azure Flare

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    Oh my...
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  3. Sick Cylinder


    I used to have a toy version of this car - it captured my heart all those years ago so I would love to have this car in a GT game.
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  4. f1357924680

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    Please please please:bowdown:
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  5. GBO Possum

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    Due to taxation policies in Europe at the time, it was rare to find power plants like this whose displacement was measured in what approaches cubic yards.

    Cars were generally taxed based on a calculated "horse power", the formula for which included most, or all of the elements of swept capacity. This led to a preference for cars with engines which could wring out a large amount of power from limited displacement.

    At the high end, a kind of inverted logic applied, where very wealthy car owners liked to choose visibly highly-taxed cars, demonstrating their ability to spend. A frequent result of this taxation distortion was to encourage designs with 12 or more cylinders. The Iso Grifo offered a different method of demonstration of conspicuous consumption by reaching across the Atlantic for this example of "excess". It was probably seen as an opportunity for the company to improve gross margins as well, given the higher manufacturing costs of 12 and 16 cylinder motors.
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  6. f1357924680

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    But your picture is the GL 350 or GL 365

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    Yeah, I just picked the best looking one :D
  8. GiovyLM

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    This car was developed to compete against ferrari and other gt cars of that period ... voted ! :lol:
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  9. Amac500

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    Its a true hybrid (American power, European styling, as they called it back in the day).
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