Issue with Playseat and T3PA pedals

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I bought the Playseat Alcantara and T3PA Pros and I ran into a problem mounting it.

Lining up the pedals to the pedal plate shows only 2 holes that line up, 1 just behind the clutch and 1 behind the gas. I mounted both M6? bolts first, and then went back and forth tightening each with equal pressure. The clutch bolt went in fine, but as I tightened the bolt behind the gas for the last time I heard something "pop". I couldn't figure out what it was at first, and after a closer inspection I found that the small metal piece with rubber on the top that sits just above the spring popped out. It also looks like theres a screw that holds it in place and it snapped off.

So the bolts I guess are too long to mount my pedals since it kisses up against this little piece. The pedals did not come with these mounting bolts, I used the extra bolts that came with my playseat. I had nothing else to mount them with...I just assumed everything I would need came with my seat/pedals.

Ive searched all over the internet with regards to this and have found zero threads about people having issues mounting their pedals to the playseat. I cant be the only one with this rig setup which makes me wonder if I'm just doing something wrong?

I ordered an exchange set of pedals from Amazon, but I'm afraid of this same thing happening again when I go to mount them. Unless this metal piece was faulty to begin with, but again the bolt can only go directly underneath it.

So if anyone has any experience with this setup or knows how to mount these properly please let me know. I'm just surprised Id have to order smaller bolts on my own when I've read nothing about doing that while researching these two products.


This is what it looks like when I take out the metal piece. The bolt on the left is what sticks out from underneath to mount it.



My clutch pedal. Everything is fastened securely

TLDR: Bolt that mounts my T3PAS to my Playseat pedal plate lines up directly under a crucial piece of equipment. Dont know how to mount it properly without this popping out with the supplied hardware.
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Are you using the pedals in F1 style or GT layout?

In the GT layout I use the mounting holes near the edge of the foot plate.


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Thank you for the replies. I just was under the assumption all the hardware that came with my pedals/seat would work just fine. Didnt think Id have to order anything extra.

@Double Ayyys I use F1 style, but maybe I'll try out GT and see if I can mount it without any issues.

@super_gt thanks
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Actually my old playseat evo was supplied with bolts which did the job just nicely.

TBH, I didn't think the pedal set was all that securely attached to the pedal deck, but I always figured I could drill some additional holes in the plate, and also the underside of the pedals, and use some nuts and bolts