Issues with T150 Pedals on GT Sport

Hi all, I'm just getting into more serious racing hardware and my first endeavour is proving to be a really challenging one.

Last night I purchased a Thrustmaster T150. Used it for about 10 minutes before I started having problems with the pedals. They would not register full throttle or brake input. Unplug the wheel, plug it back in and it may work for another 5 minutes or so before starting the problem with the throttle and brake. I don't get how the potentiometer could be dirty if they're brand new.

This morning I went and purchased a T80 just to test the pedals since they come with the same set. I plugged the fresh out of the box T80 pedals into the T150 and it didn't work at all.

The confusing part is when I plugged the T80 wheel in with the T80 pedals, they worked for a moment but then I got the throttle issue again which leads me to believe this is a GT Sport problem and not a Thrustmaster issue. I plugged the T150 pedals into the T80 wheel and both brake and gas were full on even with no input. I'm really at a loss of what to do and any help would be appreciated.