Issues with weekly races

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Can anyone tell me how to report a problem within Gran Turismo 7 I’m having the issues I’m having is when I’ve completed the weekly races I’m not getting the tickets for completing any of the races the past two weeks as well no credit(roulette ticket) for the daily driving quota almost everyday day now
Same here. Since replacing my stolen PS5 a couple days ago. Daily Marathon and Weekly Challenge rewards are not being issued.
This is a known issue, and it's being looked into, but at the moment nobody can say what's happening, why, or how to solve it.
My issue is, anytime I try and race a Daily Race it lets me qualify and enter the race but then it just locks up at the starting grid. It's completely destroyed my rating. I CAN race in any multiplayer lobbies. I have zero problems in those lobbies. It's only the daily's that won't let me race at all. ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!
Same here, did all this weeks races, placed 1st in all, and only got the 1st ticket. Other 2 are nowhere to be found. When I click on the weekly challenge, it states I have earned all the tickets.

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