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    I have lost a lot of money, so that you don't have to! :lol:

    I bought the Jag VGT in Cashmere colour when it first came out..... came with a rather fetching suit / helmet.
    Noticed online different coloured helmets, notably black and white.
    Won a VGT on the DWG and it was again cashmere, so sold the one I'd bought for 300k and bought the black Jag. Sure enough, helmet was black but suit the same grey / silver colour.
    Flush with credits, I decided to buy the Fuji White version too.... but the helmet looks pretty much same colour as the cashmere version. Not white at all!
    Am once again flush with credits (and how can you not be with payout on Gr.1 at Monza!!) I am going to go for that blue/white model (not sure of colour name and PS4 switched off) and fingers crossed it's a white helmet! If any of you have it and know different, please feel free to say so! Sure the silver version will be silver.....
    Here's what I have, no adjustments.

    JVGTBlack.jpg JVGTCashmere.jpg JVGTFUjiWhite.jpg