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  1. JaimePL


    Hello GTPlanet community!

    I’ve finally find some time to realize the idea which I have in my head from ages and I’d like to show you the effects of this thing. So, the main idea is - how far we can go into GT2 without buying any car?

    • Using only prize cars;
    • Using only correct cars for the events (for example no coupe cars for sedan cup etc.);
    • Perhaps gonna allow myself to buy GT meme cars (yellow Evo, GT40 etc.).
    So, first thing - I won all prize cars for making licence test gold and these cars are: Spoon S2000, Dodge Copperhead, Mitsubishi FTO LM Edition, Honda CRX del sol LM Edition, Mitsubishi FTO LM Edition and Toyota GT-One. I’m also using 3rd race of Gran Turismo All Stars event for grinding, because:
    • Red Rock Valley Speedway is pretty fast track;
    • 50,000 Cr for the race win;
    • TVR Speed 12 is a prize car and after selling this car you can get extra 500,000 Cr.
    Gran Turismo League [Event name - used car (extra information) / DNS - event needs to be finished]:
    • Japanese National Championships - DNS;
    • US National Championships - DNS;
    • French National Championships - DNS;
    • British National Championships - DNS;
    • Italian National Championships - DNS;
    • German National Championships - DNS;
    • European League - DNS;
    • Pacific League - DNS;
    • Gran Turismo World League - DNS.
  2. JaimePL


    Special Event:
    • Sunday Cup - Dodge Copperhead;
    • Clubman Cup - Dodge Copperhead;
    • FF Challenge - Spoon Civic Type-R (prize car from Tuned NA Car No. 1 Cup);
    • FR Challenge - Dodge Copperhead;
    • MR Challenge - Tommy Kaira ZZIII (prize car from 2nd race of Pure Sports Car Cup);
    • 4WD Challenge [R1 & R2] - Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R 4Door Tuned by Nismo (prize car from 3rd race of Luxury 4-Door Cup);
    • 4WD Challenge [R3] - Mine’s Lancer Evolution V (prize car from 1st race of Gran Turismo All Stars);
    • Lightweight „K” Cup - Toyota Yaris (prize car from 1st race of Global Compact Car Cup);
    • Global Compact Car Cup - Spoon Civic Type-R;
    • Luxury 4-Door Cup - Mugen Accord SiR-T (prize car from 1st race of FF Challenge);
    • Muscle Car Cup - DNS;
    • World Open Car Cup - Dodge Copperhead;
    • Historic Car Cup - DNS;
    • Wagon Cup - Subaru Legacy GT Wagon (prize car from 1st race of 4WD Challenge);
    • 80’s Sports Car Cup - DNS;
    • Grand Touring Car Trophy - Mazdaspeed RX-7 GT-C (prize car from 3rd race of FR Challenge);
    • Pure Sports Car Cup - Mazdaspeed RX-7 GT-C;
    • Tuned NA Car No. 1 Cup - Dodge Copperhead;
    • Tuned Turbo Car No. 1 Cup - DNS;
    • Gran Turismo All Stars - Honda CRX del sol LM Edition;
    • Super Touring Trophy - DNS;
    • GT300 Car Championship - DNS;
    • GT500 Car Championship - DNS.
  3. JaimePL


    Dirt Event:
    • Green Forest Roadway - DNS;
    • Smokey Mountain South Course - DNS;
    • Tahiti Maze - DNS;
    • Smokey Mountain North Course - DNS;
    • Tahiti Dirt Route 3 - DNS;
    • Pikes Peak Downhill - DNS;
    • Pikes Peak Hill Climb - DNS;
    • Smokey Mountain North Reverse Course - DNS;
    • Tahiti Dirt Route 3 Reverse Course - DNS.
    • Trial Mountain Endurance Race - DNS;
    • Seattle City Endurance Race - DNS;
    • Apricot Hill Endurance Race - DNS;
    • Grand Valley Speedway Endurance Race - DNS;
    • Special Stage Route 5 Endurance Race - DNS;
    • Rome City Course Endurance Race - DNS;
    • Laguna Seca Speedway Endurance Race - DNS.
    Hope you'll enjoy the results as I did! Cheers!
  4. EngieDiesel


    United States
    Prize car only runs are a long standing tradition in GT games and I've always felt it's something everyone should try at least once, if only to appreciate how challenging it can be when you don't have the ability to just go and get the "best" car for every single race. :)

    I prefer to use the Event Generator expert series for cash collection, though. It pays out less, but it lets you use the car you plan on upgrading so you get more opportunities to get used to how it reacts in different situations.
  5. Kingofweasles


    United States
    I thought about doing a playthrough on GT2 where I could only use either prize cars or cars that the AI DOESN'T use as opponents in races as a cool little thing to start a Twitch.tv channel or something. Sadly, my computer is having issues at the moment and I don't really have the time, equipment or the internet speed to do streaming anymore...
  6. Sough


    I'm pretty sure the 100% speedrun does a lot with prize cars--Silhouette Skyline Race Car (you can win this immediately), Concept Car LM, GT40LM, the pikes peak rallies might be hard without the escudo, but you can beat it with the FTOLM (must gold a license), and the low hp races shouldn't be too hard. I'd imagine it could be done but I don't know a deep knowledge of all the races and prize cars.