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Welcome to my Garage. This is going to be a replica garage only, most of the tunes and cars here won't be winning any races.
Why replica? Some of you may recall a legendary tuner back in GT6 and his amazing library of cars, well I'm not that guy but I followed him and I want to do something like he did. Most replicas are not for everyone and they aren't made to win races easily, so a certain amount of skill and dedication is needed.

My Set up is a Thrustmaster T300RS GT with a Next Level Racing GT Lite

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Honda Civic Type R (EK) '97
Based on the JUN AUTO Civic from the "Battle at 10000 RPM"

GT Auto:
Oil change and Restore Rigidity if you buy it used
Advan Racing RG II in any color up to taste
16-inch rims
Width and Offset to Wide
Front Bumper Type B
Rear Bumper Type A
Rear Wing Type B
Bonnet Pins up to personal taste
Tow hooks up to personal taste
Roll Cage Type A
Lightbulb Anything up to cool 6000k
Number Plate Type A or up to personal taste
Front Grille Standard Part

Tuning Parts Installed
Weight Reduction 1 and 2
Stroke Up
Engine Balance Tuning
Polish Ports
High Lift Camshafts
Racing Camshaft
High Compression Pistons
Clutch and Flywheel Sports
Brake System Sports
Brake pads Racing
Air Cleaner Racing
Silencer Racing
Exhaust Manifold Racing
Fully Customizable Manual
One Way LSD
Suspension Fully Customizable
Sport Medium Tyres

The Setup
Body Height: Front 95 Rear 95
Anti Roll Bar: Front 5 Rear 6
Damping Compression: Front 34 Rear 35
Damping Expansion: Front 47 Rear 46
Natural Frequency: Front 3.00 Rear 2.85
Camber Angle: Front 2.5 Rear 1.0
Toe Angle: Front Toe Out -0.10 Rear Toe Out -0.30
This is a Real World Alignment for Camber and Toe

Downforce: Front 35 Rear 60

ECU: 92%

Ballast: 47
Position: 0
Power: 100%

Transmission: Fully Customizable Manual. Based on the ATS & Cross Set
Set to 240 km/h
1st 3.077
2nd 2.105
3rd 1.563
4th 1.188
5th 0.938
Final 4.714

Please try it out and lemme know how it feels, any feedback will be appreciated.
Have you got numbers for the diffs on all of them please, so far so good.
It's a one way LSD, it's not fully customisable one. The specs only specify that it has a LSD from Cusco. So I just used the in game oneway LSD

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