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John Conroy Memorial Racing League

Races are held every Wednesday night 8:30 EST
Lobby at 8:00 EST
A brief description of what we do:

Our race series are a calendar month so some will be 5 but most times 4 races in the series. We alternate between production class and race class every month. Production races are limited to sports tires, while race series are unrestricted. Some are class races while others are one makes. Every month we vote for future series on our Facebook page. Finishers up front receive a penalty assessed as weight for the next race. Rear finishers have penalty removed until there is no penalty. We are always looking for new members of all driver skills as our penalty system keeps things competitive across the board.
As of now the league is run on Facebook (link below in "League rules and guidelines"). If we get a lot of interest that would rather communicate here I will do my best to cross post everything.

Practice / Qualifier / Endurance race – 40 min ***** Min DR & SR rating – N/A

Start type – Grid start with false start check ***** Grid order – Fastest first

Boost – None ***** Slipstream strength – Real

Visible damage – On ***** Mechanical damage – Light

Tire wear – TBDx ***** Fuel consumption – TBDx

Race finish delay – (1 lap) seconds ***** Grip reduction – Real

Category – TBD ***** BoP – Off

Max Power – TBD***** Min weight – TBD

Max tire – Sports soft / No limit ***** Min tire – Sports hard / No limit

Livery restrictions – No ***** Type of #- No limit

Car #s auto – No ***** Tuning – No limit

Kart usage – Off

Ghosting during race – Weak ***** Shortcut penalty – Invalidate time

Wall collision penalty – Invalidate time ***** Wall collision detection - Strict

Side contact penalty – On ***** Correct after wall collision – Off

Replace car at out – Off ***** Flag rules – On

Counter steering assist – Prohibited ***** ASM – No limit

Driving line – No limit ***** Traction control – No limit

ABS – No limit ***** Auto drive - Prohibited

Poll position will be determined by qualification starting at 8:30PM. You can only use the car you will be racing to prevent bogus fast times, and your weight and power must be set to your penalty as posted here even during qualification. The car you start the series with will be the car you use for the entire series. A series is always a calendar month.

----To sign up----

All league races are held in a friends only lobby so you must also be a friend of the lobby host on PSN to see the lobby. At this time this is currently myself, but I have requested someone else host to keep randoms from entering the race lobby.

Testing lobbies are public and no membership is needed. If you can't make it for a league race, feel free to join us during testing. Hope to see you on the track!
"League Rules and guidelines" - Updated for GT Sport – Official as of 3/16/2018 last update 4/21/20

First and foremost we expect the races and practice lobbies to be as clean as possible. Anyone causing issues purposely or repeatedly will be dealt with as needed. We want us all to have a fun, friendly and competitive environment. Spinning donuts before the race is not prohibited, but please stay out of the racing path in case someone is trying to hit a fast poll time.

League races are held Wednesday nights at 8:30PM EST and are a 40 minute race. Lobby will always be open by 8PM EST for practice laps and 5 minute qualification starts at 8:30. Races are league only (not open to the public) so you must be a friend of lobby host to race. If you are interested in joining send us a message or post here and we will get you all the info you need.

Each race series lasts a calendar month, so some series will have 4 races and some 5. The series will alternate between race cars and production cars. Some months are limited to specific cars while others are class limited. Each series will be posted by the end of the current series so we will have plenty of time to prepare.

There will be occasions when special races are run. These races will not count toward the league series. This will also be posted with the event’s description.

Every series will have its own set of specific rules which will be posted in the official event details on the Facebook page. Race settings are set to real where applicable. BoP is turned off. Production series are restricted to sports soft tires or less, and must be initially from the class stated (example - you cannot take an N500 car and detune to run N400). Other than restrictions listed in the event details you can tune your cars any way you want. The car you run your first race in a series must be used for the entire series unless otherwise stated.

Each race will award points and penalties depending on your finishing position. The points and penalty are both determined by how many entrants we have in the race. There is an album in the Facebook photos that show the current system. Basically you will receive 1 point for starting the race, and 1 point for each person you finish ahead of. A disconnect during the race is treated as a blown motor and you will take the lowest available position at the time. Bonus points are awarded for poll and fast lap time during the race. These are the far right columns. The penalties are listed as weight percentages based off 100% weight for that car and will carry on from race to race, series to series. The poll and fast lap bonus will also be the penalty given for each. Penalties are always rounded up, so a 1.5% penalty means you are running at 102% weight. The point standings for the next race will be posted on the Facebook page generally Friday, but will always be posted before the next race.

We have also implemented a penalty reduction system to take the “accumulated penalty” out of the system. Basically, the system is set up to give penalty points back to the lower finishers. There are times when the lower places are occupied by someone who is already at 100% weight and cannot receive the reduction. This effectively leaves more penalty in the system than it takes out and in the long run all the full time racers are running penalized. The league wide reduction system will work like this: At any time all of the full time racers finish a series with a penalty, every racer in the league will have their penalty reduced by the lowest full time racer’s penalty. The exception is any occasional racer’s penalty will not be reduced past 110%. Occasional racers with a penalty less than 110% will not be changed. To qualify as a full time racer you must race at least 3 of the races in the series.

If the monthly series ends in a points tie, the tiebreaker order is:
1) Most wins
2) Highest average finish (just for clarity, this will be taken from the "stats" page in the spreadsheet. What is posted here in the photo is rounded to a whole number)
3) The racer who started the final race in the highest points position. If this still creates a tie, we will use the previous race and continue that process until there is a clear winner.

These rules are not comprehensive and sometimes a judgement call must be made on the spot. We will always welcome input and suggestions from all members.

A little about us:

Gran Turismo racing in a structured league. We hold our races Wednesday nights at 8:30PM EST and the races are scheduled for approximately 40 minutes. We are not professionals, but we race as cleanly as possible. We are always looking for new members of all driver skills as our penalty system keeps things competitive across the board.

JCMRL, as we are now known, started years ago as a group of friends who enjoyed playing Gran Turismo 5 and decided to set a day aside each week to get online and compete against one another. As we continued meeting each week and gaining a few drivers we decided to structure our races and created our league. Upon creation we called ourselves SVRL - or Susquehanna Valley Racing League and our first official league race took place August 2012.

Fast forward to the release of GT6. As we were testing settings to move the league to the new game we were struggling to get racers on the track consistently. Most everyone found it more appealing to turn on and play the new game while we were still on GT5 and our weekly participation fell drastically. We happened to come across another group of racers who were going through the same situation and we joined forces, still under the SVRL name. There came a time when we simply called ourselves “Gran Turismo Racing League” because we were no longer from the same geographical location and we decided the name was no longer fitting.

As Gran Turismo Sport is being developed, the beta version was available to people who signed up and were chosen to play the game before it released. Then it happened. One of our regular racers passed away, John Conroy ( Invader77 ) who we lost April 2nd, 2017. After years on the virtual track together, John was taken from us at the age of 39 due to complications from diabetes. He was well respected in all aspects of life, and is deeply missed by everyone including those who have only ever met him in this virtual realm. After racing with someone for years, even if you never met that person face to face, these people become very good friends... pretty much becoming thought of as family. John was chosen to partake in the beta testing. He was so excited and was looking forward to enjoying these Sport races as much or more than the rest of us but barely even got the opportunity to get on the track.

While planning to move the league races to Gran Turismo Sport, we also decided to find a name fitting to our league instead of using the generic Gran Turismo Racing League. As a league we unanimously voted in our current JCMRL, or John Conroy Memorial Racing League. This name was quite simply a perfect fit given the circumstances, and it is also a reminder of why we have been getting together once a week for so many years - the simple camaraderie that has grown since the time the league was formed. We will continue to compete each and every week, and we will continue to remember John with not only the league name, but also our yearly Memorial event on the 2nd of April.

Rest in peace our brother.
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This space reserved for future event event information and league standings.
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John Conroy Memorial event

This event will occur every year on the 2nd of April in memory of John Conroy who we lost on that day in 2017. He was so excited to have been granted access to play the beta edition of Gran Turismo Sport. His short time on those tracks brought him so much joy we decided this was our way to remember him. We understand that date will fall on different days of the week and not everyone can attend every year, but this was easier than trying to schedule around everyone's real life every year and having to make decisions on who to leave out if not everyone could attend. If the date falls on our normal race night in the future it will also be our official series race for that week. We can think of it as a few bonus points that week.

The event was created to be something we think Invader77 would have looked forward to, but we didn't want to include the long Nürburgring tracks (at this time) he raced almost every day on GT6 so we will be running the GP instead. Also since John always seemed to be running his cars pretty much stock in our league, tuning will not be allowed except the final race. Our normally allowed aids are still allowed if you wish to use them.

The lobby will open April 2nd at 6:30 PM EST.

Race #1-
Car - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Final Edition GR.3 one make
Track - Nürburgring GP

Race starts promptly at 7PM EST. 15 minute endurance race
No tuning. Racing Hard tires. No Fuel usage or tire wear
Starting grid will be determined by fast lap time from 6:30 to 7PM.

Race #2-
Car - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Final Edition GR.4 one make
Track - Nürburgring GP

Race starts promptly at 7:30PM EST. 15 minute endurance race
No tuning. Racing Hard tires. No Fuel usage or tire wear
Starting grid will be reverse finishing position from race 1, with any late entrants going up front.

Race #3-
Car - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Final Edition GR.B one make
Track - Colorado Springs - Lake
Sardegna - Windmills 2020 race

Race starts promptly at 8:00PM EST. 15 minute endurance race
No tuning. Rally. No Fuel usage or tire wear
Starting grid will be reverse finishing position from race 2, with any late entrants going up front.

Race #4-
Car - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Final Edition N300 one make/
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR 2020 race
Track - Brands Hatch Indy

Race starts promptly at 8:30PM EST. 40 minute endurance race
Normal production car league race rules.
Starting grid will be reverse finishing position from race 3, with any late entrants going up front but behind last place of race #3 (see below).

The last race will be run like our normal league races. If the majority think the 40 min race is too long after the others, we are OK with adjusting the length a little, but we want to keep it longer than the rest.

Points will be awarded each race as they are in our league races with the exception of the fast lap and poll which will only be awarded for the final race. Poll position will be awarded to the last place finisher of race #3. All points will be added for the 4 races to give each racer's final total.​
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