Jeep Grand Wagoneer to Return, Shown at Dealers this Summer

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I hope they don't screw it up trying to homage it in styling like they did with that awful Commander.
I've got $5 on it. It seems nostalgia is most of what the US companies can come up with......

Of course, The Charger and Dart may be a sign they come up with something new. What all was wrong with the Commander?
They are excrement for the most part. I don't understand how the 5Gtronic can be bombproof in DC RWD applications and excrement in AWD ones.
Commander was a poor attemp to create a 3 row SUV.

what we dont know about the Wagoneer is what type of 3 row SUV it will be??

1. will it be a extended Jeep Grand Cherokee?
2. would it be a jacked up wagon like the original
3. will it be a large Luxury barge like the Escalade?
Jeep to use both the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer nameplate
Jeep's Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer luxury SUVs due after 2019 will be upscale vehicles that will push the premium boundaries of the brand, says Jeep brand head Mike Manley.

The two nameplates will be luxury vehicles, with the Grand Wagoneer an upscale version of the Wagoneer. Both vehicles will share a platform with the next-generation Grand Cherokee.

"The Wagoneer name represents, historically, the pinnacle of premium for the Jeep world," he said. "But in the same way as you may have an Overland and a Summit, you have different trim levels. So you could imagine the use of Wagoneer to denote a really premium vehicle, and Grand Wagoneer takes it to the very next level. If you were to use that as your naming strategy, that's exactly how I would use the trims."

CEO Sergio Marchionne has said the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer would be built at FCA's Warren Truck Assembly complex in suburban Detroit.
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If the reports of it being based on the Durango-sized version of the platform, it would imply that it'd be a competitor to the Range Rover in a way that the Grand Cherokee is kinda/sorta a Range Rover Sport option. Not a bad way to go, but, here's hoping that they're straightforward with the packaging. The way Jeep organizes their trims and packages is quite frustrating to me, locking away a lot of the options people want in weird configurations that rapidly increase the price. Assuming the Wagoneer would be the volume seller, here's hoping they keep it pretty straightforward.
Leaked image of the Grand Wagoneer from the dealer presentation

I hope it isn't just a lengthened Grand Cherokee.
Always thought it was kinda odd that Jeep basically ceded the big luxury SUV market after halting the original Wagoneer which practically started it.
That could also be the 3 row Cherokee for china which is said to have its own design.

I was about to say, that looks way too much like the Grand Cherokee to deserve changing the name over to the Wagoneer.