Jeep Wagoneer ICM Competition Limited #124 Gene Henderson "Moby Dick I" 1972

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    Rallypor72-39 henderson-pogue.jpg Rallypor72-48 henderson-pogue.jpg 28wdsa0.jpg

    Sister car Moby Dick II:
    Rallypor72-59 dahm-callon.jpg 4660557771_7945902014_o.jpg

    Manufacturer: AMC (current ownership: FCA Group)
    Year: 1972
    Gran Turismo body class: race-modified car
    Gran Turismo engine class: NA
    Layout: 4WD
    Power: ~260 hp (source: Popular Mechanics, Nov. 1974, p. 172)
    Displacement: 5886.3 cm³ (359.21 (sources: Brickfield Publications, Motor Sport Yearbook 1973, p. 362; Wikipedia, AMC_V8_engine)
    Weight: ~2177 kg (~4800 lbs) (source: Popular Mechanics, Nov. 1974, p. 77)


    Yes, a Jeep rally car - in fact, the first successful 4WD rally car ever.

    In 1972, the FIA added the American Press-on-Regardless rally to the International Championship for Manufacturers (the predecessor to the WRC). To attract the interest of American manufacturers, the FIA put aside the usual classification of cars in groups 1 through 4, instead adopting SCCA groups A through E. This resulted in possibly the unlikeliest cars ever entered in a rally: two two-ton, 4WD, 5.9 liter V8 AMC Jeep Wagoneers, respectively driven by portly ex-cop Gene Henderson and team mate Erhard Dahm. Not only they both finished (they wouldn't be so lucky in the next years), but they finished first and third, proving the worth of all-wheel-drive in rallying. Some say, in fact, that the shockingly unexpected victory was to blame for the subsequent ban of AWD cars in rallying.

    AWD wouldn't be seen again until the 1979 Ivory Coast raid, where the rules were changed to let the Range Rover team apply. At the time, it seemed that AWD would be limited to heavy SUVs on the hardest terrains, until Audi unveiled the quattro in 1980 and changed rallying forever - but that is another story.

    Why add it to Gran Turismo? It's the legendary rally car that everyone has forgotten. It has great historical significance as the first 4WD rally winner (and the first American-made rally winner), and the possible origin of the AWD ban. It's also an incredibly unusual car that would feel right at home along with the other historical oddities featured in Gran Turismo.

    What am I asking for: premium model of Henderson's "Moby Dick I" Jeep Wagoneer in its 1972 version, interiors optional; Dahm's "Moby Dick II" as a color/livery option.
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    Last two photos are Moby Dick II...
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    Of course, that's why I captioned them "Sister car Moby Dick II" :). I guess they were identical though
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    ...This needs to happen.

    In GT Auto section's mods, I'd like to see "add mud" and "dented doors" options. Thanks.
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    Personally I love how precisely they wiped away the dirt to show the Jeep logo :lol:
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    There's a blue '75 Wagoneer parked on my parents street at the moment.
    I noticed it while visiting today and thought it looked pretty good design-wise,
    it was in terrible shape however. Heavily worn down exterior.
    I've never seen a Wagoneer up close before.

    It would be nice to have it feature in a GT game, but then again the Chevrolet El Camino SS 396 '67
    is already in GT6 and it looks kind of similar to the Wagoneer with the rear canopy fitted onto the truck bed
    (and it's premium, too).