JMP Super Formula League!! Signups Open!!

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United States
Hey everyone! As you can tell by the title, I’m looking to create a super formula league.

Races will most likely be run on the weekends (either Friday or Saturday) but I’m willing to work with participants to figure out the best time to race. So, as for a specific time, I’m willing to work with you guys to figure that out.

This league is pretty much brand new, so there’s plenty of spots open. If there is more than 16 people wanting to race, then I’d also be open to having multiple classes/divisions.

As for skill level, there is no limit! All that I ask is that you PLEASE BE CLEAN!! I’ll be taking cleanliness of racing seriously and am willing to bestow punishment if things get out of hand. Hopefully I don’t have to though :)

Also, I’ll most likely be streaming every race, but if you guys want to stream, then feel free. Twitch is @joeschmo2424

More details will follow once more people begin to join. Like I said, everyone’s welcome, as long as you’re clean. If you have buddies feel free to invite them. If you have questions/concerns you can find me on discord, or just reply here.
Thanks everyone!
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