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I hope you told her papa's got a brand new bag.
I was having difficulty coming up with a suitable retort to that one but I knew someone here would come through.

In the clutch.
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I went to the park today to feed the birds with THC laced cake. They seemed to like it.

I left no tern un-stoned
People might say I'm gull-ible for believing you but I'm sure they'll cormorant erm come around.
Toucan laugh like a Kookaburra all you want, but someone from this part of the world, will probably think you're a bit of a Gallah & carrying on like a Cockatoo.
This thread is proving to be a mynah diversion and I don't want to snipe, as I guess we'll keep on going until the bittern end.

I'll get my coat or capon.
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The police called at my house last night…..

Sir. I am sorry to tell you that it looks like your wife has been hit by a bus!

I know but she has a lovely personality!

A friend of mine composes tunes about restomodded Porsches.

She's a Singer songwriter
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