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  1. cbrown119


    As the title says, I just happened to come across this on steam and was surprised that it’s free?!?

    I thought “what’s the catch”

    So I downloaded it and gave it a shot briefly last night.

    It was really smooth and manageable just using a gamepad. Which was a welcome change considering my troubles with the gamepad on PC2.

    I really like seeing the “series” events (WTCC ...etc). That’s different from other games. And also, the different tracks that you don’t see often.

    So, a couple of questions for a totally new user.

    Is there a race line that can be turned on?

    Where does R3E fit in the realm of the genre - sim, arcade or simcade?

    If it is supposed to be a sim, does it succeed according to the community or professionals?

    And finally - the most important question - how come there isn’t a Ford Focus in the car list??? I would love to use that car on one of the series.

  2. Ak1504


    It´s a sim and its get developed with as much real data as possible and also real race driver feedback.

    Driving line is based on your own best valid lap. Tbh don´t use it. Learn tracks without it. It´s not possible to have it in multiplayer races so get rid of it ;)

    Don´t think RR needs a Ford Focus. Assetto Corsa has street cars but no Focus.

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  3. Malebolge


    1) There is a racing line you can use.
    2) I would say it's in the simulation league. There are plenty of famous racing drivers using it too so that must mean something.

    I, personally, find myself playing RaceRoom more than PC2 or AC combined (have all of them). Your mileage may vary but in my view it's by far the best game to play with a gamepad with the most realistic/intense racing atmosphere.

    If you do decide to buy content, don't buy it from Steam or from R3R's website using money - purchase their VRP points and spend them on one of the packs. I bought the premium one which gives you all content at the time of purchase. You'll have to pay additional money for content that will be added to the packs you purchase.
  4. EmArA


    It is a a very popular sim. on pc and there is a huge community who considers it a sim. (THE best sim. After rFacotor2 to some)
    Best place to ask for any advice is here

    You can play as “novice” with the aids on since u’re playing with a gamepad. Not sure if there is a racing line.

    There is no ford focus because it is a street carso it does not participate in any of these series (check on the right side in the link Under automobile)

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  5. civicgsir

    civicgsir Premium

    I too happened on this via the Steam winter sale. Looks, feels pretty nice and runs at good FPS for me. I like it.

    This. Good looking out about those VRP.
    I just checked and it's close to half for that premium package.
  6. Metalogic


    United Kingdom
    It's my favourite "serious" sim by far
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  7. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    I'm driving this more and more everyday, to the point AC is currently parked.
    The FFB is the smoothest I've felt yet, the graphics are quite good on high/ultra.
    The AI isn't terrible but they will push you around if you get in their line.
    Ford GT GT3 is incredible everywhere and R3E version of Nurburgring is my favorite of any sim.
    And the noise this sim makes!! :eek:
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  8. BrainsBush


    I installed the free version yesterday. Played around with settings and did some laps around (free) Algarve circuit. This feels and also looks really good. Still have to figure out the best Fanatec CSL settings but first attempt is very promising. The support forum has a good FFB topic but still have to read it (lack of time...)
    So besides AC & Pcars2 I have a new 'toy' to play with.

    Maybe later the paid content? Remember I'm Dutch and we like to get it for free ;)
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  9. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    It's worth your time IMO.
    You can test drive all the cars for free in the store.
    Nurburgring really impressed me with how it's scaled (more narrow as in real life) and the elevation changes are properly done.

    Multiplayer was decently populated with 30 or so rooms up.
    I did the SRS install for it last night which was a pain in the ass as I'm still new to PC but I got it done.
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  10. BrainsBush


    R3E is really good. I like the realistic car handling,physics (at least I think it is very realistic). So far this is also the best sim I've "played" in combination with NLR motion V3. This race sim deserves much more attention. It looks very crystal clear in VR and e.g. elevation difference is very good.
    After my upcoming week of vacation I will buy the VRP and then buy the Premium Pack.

    Thanks for convincing me to try this one. Everyone with a PC should at least try the free content and you will be surprised.
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  11. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    You should come race with us on SRS.
    Oh, and try the Ford GT GT3.
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  12. BrainsBush


    And the winner is ;)

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  13. Echo_29


    I also have just got into Race room, the FFB is the best I've ever felt in any sim so I'm putting more money into it.
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  14. Dopplegagger


    United States
    I just put the wheel to the side...

    Now I am about to re-mount it to my desk and get back out there.

    My short time goals for R3E purchases. Getting the newest GT3 car pack (all of them), and grabbing Macau. I'll explain to the Mrs. about getting the courses when I tell her that she can't get her nails done. LOL
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  15. xuosz


    I started playing this in January to satisfy my driving game itch. I would consider R3E to be more of a Sim than a game. I have dabbled with iRacing and I would say R3E is in the same league but with a better payment structure (at least for me). I bought the American track pack and three GT3 cars including the Camaro, Porsche 911 GT3R and the Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R. I also bought a Chevy Cruze WTCC car. The tracks I own are Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Indianapolis, Mid-Ohio and Road America with each of them having multiple configurations. All this for about $35 and I have drven for hours and could drive for 100s of hours more without spending another penny. The best part is I have real track time on a couple of these tracks back in the day to compare the sim experience with.

    By the way, the sound in R3E is better than any driving Sim or game that I have ever heard!