Just a thought in last Nations Race.....

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    The last nations race we had to use a N300 car. Most now know that the best car was a detuned F50.

    When I was doing testing I had a great time going through all the N400 cars and detuning them to see which would be best. Then I went through N200 cars and tuned them up to N300.

    It suddenly dawned on me.....”holy crap!! This almost feels like an oldskool GT game”.

    Then I started wondering how good this game could be if we could create our own BoP of a kind. As in, we get to choose the mix of power and weight to a certain predefined level to make a car suitable for a race.

    Then I started to think.....”What if we could create our own BoP, but it wasn’t a generic car upgrade like GTS, but a full selection of interchangeable parts like GT of old?”

    I’d be all for that. In fact I’d love for the next GT game to have a Sport mode like we have now. But to also have online career races where it works like I’ve described above and one needs to work their way up from a crap old car....but online races....in VR.

    *sits here throwing wallet at screen but nothing is happening
  2. Canucks_9419


    This was sort of what the beauty of the Performance Points (PP) system that was in the last two games brought out. There was soo much fun online quickly installing and removing parts to try and get any car closest to what the PP was set at, and it made for great variety all the time, instead of what essentially just becomes one-make races with this system.

    I hope to potentially see a return to that, or a hybrid of sorts maybe in the future games!
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    With PP level, there would be much more variety for cars to choose. BoP for road cars is way too unbalanced, in some cases even feels a bit random.