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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by SR_Pwr'd, Mar 5, 2008.

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    So, I have had Forzas 1 and 2 finished on my 360 for ~4 months. Yesterday, I started to think about racing games and what not, and I remember this one time I played a Gran Turismo demo on my old Playstation(I was like 9 at the time, so I gave up instantly). Then I thought, "how much would that game cost right now?" 1 day and a dust covered, but working, Playstation out of my room later, I have GT 1, a memory card, and A/V cables on the way to my house :eek:.

    Basically, I was just wondering if I will be "familiar" with the driving in this game at all?

    Sorry if this is all jumbled up, but the only racing that I know is in NFS and mostly Forza 2.
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    I never played Forza. But compared to later [size=+1]GT[/size] versions, the physics are similar but different. In [size=+1]GT1[/size], understeer just means you need to steer harder, basically. (A car rarely gets into a state where it's going to keep going straight no matter what you do). Conversely, oversteer means just flicking a bit of counter-steer to catch it.

    Balance (weight shift) is less important than in later games, and you can optimize most corners by simply zeroing in on the fastest speed which has minimal tire noise. But if you go too fast, you can steer more and still make the corner. If you do provoke oversteer, it's easy to catch, too.


    GT1's very arcadey in a sense (even the sim mode) compared to where it is right now. Mostly all of the cars' reactions are exaggerated. Still, I find going back to it that it's still a very technical game. Truly a masterpiece in gaming lore!