Kangaroo Flats Racecourse (with pictures) online now

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  1. jtv90069

    Australia Australia

    This track has become my most driven and i would like to show you.



    The Basics
    Length 7403.5m
    Elevation 46.8m
    Corners 42 ( 29 + bends :) )

    While the main straight is 700m there are 2 fast bends that are taken flat

    1,2. braking hard over the top of the hill before an off camber double apex left
    3. then straight into another double apex right (not shown properly) and 3,4. into
    a long 180 degree left

    1. continuing the long left up the hill to a tight right then a short straight 75m
    2. right left combination then 3. into a triple apex right hand corner into a 4. downhill tight right.

    1. fast left then downhill through the tightening left into a tight right
    2. up the steep hill and on the brakes before the crest
    3. probably the hardest corner, entering the triple apex left as the road drops away from you.
    4. looking back from the next right (1st from next pic same spot looking forward)

    1.2. can get a little bit of speed again through here 3.4. tight blind right then left

    1. small right left as you accelerate hard now 2. check your speed through this right
    (approx 2min 10sec to here) 3. looking back to 2 at the top of the hill 4. 150-160 kph left that slightly tightens

    1. short uphill to 180 kph right 2. keep flat until the top of the hill
    3. braking down to 130 for the final corner 4. and back on to the main straight for an approx 3:00 lap time.

    Thankyou for reading
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  2. minirampmike


    send me a friend request to minirampmike plz I would like to see it
  3. HaylRayzor


    Once you set it to share online it's there to be downloaded until you take it off share. You don't have to be online for people to download it.

    To get a picture of a course layout I just use a camera and take a picture of the course editor screen.
  4. Negrumir


    I'm also pretty sure you can see a picture and details of the course map of a shared course if you log into your profile at gran-turismo.com

    Could be wrong though.
  5. jtv90069

    Australia Australia

    cool thanks for the info. also do i have to be in peoples friend list for them to get it?

    will be next weekend i get a chance to go online.
  6. Smilenator

    England England

    Yes you do.
  7. minirampmike


    okay cool I just sent u a FR so if I add me ill download it :)
  8. minirampmike


    u* lol
  9. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    Looks like an excellent track.
  10. jtv90069

    Australia Australia

    updated op with my psn name :)
  11. HaylRayzor


    Click "My GT Planet" top right.

    Click "Edit Your Details" top left.

    About 2/3 of the way down the page you can enter your psn id. Then it will be there for all to see under your avatar.
  12. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Looks fun. Is it still being shared?
  13. jtv90069

    Australia Australia

    Now available at all times. use my gtp_jtv90069 account.
  14. Anna+Reece


    Add me, I'd love to try this. CPReece98

    EDIT: Just saw the above post.
  15. bobster367

    Australia Tasmania

    I would like to see your track. How do I go about it? I am totally new to all this. Thanks. bobster367
  16. jtv90069

    Australia Australia

    While connected to the playstation network, go to the last xmb menu column(friends) and select Add a friend.
    Enter gtp_jtv90069 and send.
    Once I have accepted the friend request restart gt5 then go to the community tab and find my name and select.
    There is a track icon in the lower left select this to see my track.
  17. GT5ExPeRt

    Australia WA

    Best Track Ever!!!

    It is so awesome. :sly::tup:
  18. redgray99

    United States Derby, Vermont

    i just sent a friend request. i'd like to download it, looks awesome
  19. minicoop456

    United States California

    Sent friend request.
  20. jtv90069

    Australia Australia

    Thankyou and I hope you enjoy the track :D

    Belgium Belgium

    Just sent a FR now, would like to try it.

    Edit: Thank you. :)
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  22. BullSpit

    United States Texas

    Request incoming and thank you for sharing!