Kindly requesting a few tunes

  • Thread starter klondike
Hi I wonder if its ok to ask this.

But I search for some good N200 - N300 Tunes for a varity of fun and enjoyable cars.

The tunes main use will be for the campaign races to grind for money and XP.

I am sick of the KTM blue moon race. So ill rather do the other premium races and earn a litle less XP but having more fun and practise those other tracks along the way.

The KTM tune I used for Blue Moon can already win these races, but I would like to have some other more fun cars to try and win with :-)

Tune must be able to win races in...

GT league > Proffesionel > Premium

Maybe all around tunes or easy to change for tracks.

Maggiore, Dragon trail, and Monza.

If anyone have time and would like someone to test out their tunes I would really apriciate if someone can make some tunes for these campaign races :-)