Konami announces TurboGrafx Mini

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    Konami announced today a new mini console - this one's based on the TurboGrafx-16. You'll know the formula by now - like the NES/SNES Mini, styling varies between regions based on the console's original appearance, and it'll contain a selection of built-in games.

    So far, the following have been announced:
    - R-Type
    - New Adventure Island
    - Ninja Spirit
    - Ys Book 1 & 2
    - Dungeon Explorer
    - Alien Crush

    Nothing yet on price or release date, but to tide you over, here's a photo of the snazzy Japanese PC Engine version:


    Thoughts? I personally think it's a great idea as in the UK, the TurboGrafx was only ever available by mail order (!), so the original console is exceedingly uncommon - and one of the fantastic things about re-releases of old games is that it finally makes prohibitively rare titles accessible to a much wider audience, free from the supply/demand considerations of a collector's market - and the pricetags that can bring.

    Plus, it's from the era when 2D games/pixel art were at their peak, when each console was very different in hardware specification - and therefore their signature look and sound. It'll complement the SNES and upcoming Mega Drive mini quite nicely, I reckon.

    As the PS1 classic has shown, though, it could stumble on below-par emulation and - crucially - having the licenses to the headline titles that people remember best, and arguably define the system.

    If they get those things right though - it deserves every success.

    (also I know it's a long shot but can we have a six button arcade stick for all the lovely arcade type games this'll have?)

    Eurogamer's original article below:
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    Which means it will fail, because outside of Japan no such titles exist.
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    I'm really interested in it. Konami should have no issue like Sony with licensing games as they own so much of the console's library. They could easily put like 40+ games on here like on the wiiu VC.